Mickey Rourke Led The Bride From Bilan

The last two months 57-year-old womanizer increasingly appears in the society 24-year old model Helena Kuletskoy. The other day the paparazzi photographed them in the New York store. Couple tenderly embraced, but Elena proves that Mick only its friends and neighbors on the New York apartment. However, in the press already have carried pictures of Rourke and Lena, coming out of a nightclub. Recall is officially betrothed singer Dima Bilan.

Wedding they had planned to play Ninth in September 2009, then decided to transfer. Bilan admitted in an interview that the course is jealous of his favorite, but trusts her and swear by such trifles are not going to. 5 facts about Dima Bilan. Child's nickname singer: Sherlock Holmes because he always tried to 'keep a finger on the pulse of' what was happening on the street. 'End of Days will come when people do forget that there are feelings, and will live only for money. While on Earth is dominated by a positive charge, the world will exist. " Dima Bilan dream to fly into space. Among the favorite actors names Smoktunovsky, Churikova, Leonova, Nicholson, Hopkins sits on the Internet when I have time, and the site at which it is often possible to find – YouTube