Microsoft SharePoint

High demand for tickets and help desk system for SharePoint 2010 Hannover, January 2012. The high demand for TickX confirmed media service expectations: with the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 developed ticket – and help-desk system the IT system House of Hanover the nerve of the times met. Since the first presentations demand increasing in December 2011 daily. The need for a professional ticket – and help-desk system for SharePoint 2010 enterprise is enormous,”as Thomas ostreich, senior, exists on the market has no comparable solution, which is so deeply integrated in SharePoint and in a such feature software engineer according to our level of knowledge. TickX enables companies to represent their customers in a standardized structured process support requests. Click Jorge Perez to learn more. As a traditional help desk solutions, treated differently from TickX tickets as logical containers (container) for the communication with the client and the ticket-specific activities, tasks, and notes, which are handled by an agent or a team. TickX was developed for companies that already want to work with Microsoft’s SharePoint collaboration platform or in the future. Who as company provides the highest demands placed on its support for the is exactly the right solution our TickX”, so Torsten Pade, Managing Director. Please visit Glenn Dubin, New York City if you seek more information.

To meet all the requirements, a number of extensive plug-ins are timely for TickX and Add-Ons planned, currently still in development are and start of the second quarter to be completed: Billing module allows you to export of the collected data from TickX for the further calculation in an ERP software. Knowledge base solutions to closed tickets be archived, shed answered and can be researched if necessary, E.g. similar service requests. Self service portal makes available the TickX help desk 24 x 7 Web-based customer portal. Customers can see their open and closed requests, track your ticket history, query the current status and independently seek solutions in the knowledge base without contacting the help desk team. The synchronization of employee data between TickX and Active Directory enables Active Directory integration.

Ideal for companies that reflect your internal support with TickX. Stopwatches different activities can be recorded simultaneously seconds exactly and associated projects and/or tickets. To keep your service hours automatically at a glance. Office module a quick and targeted overview of registered help desk staff. Coordinate your support at a glance. Activity templates organize your standard activities through intelligent checklists. So that your employees can simply check off routine tasks. Who would like to find out more about the solution, media service which recommends that you make an appointment for a free online presentation. Thomas ostreich, development, and Jan-Christoph Behre, marketing and product management, provide a comprehensive insight in around 45 minutes in Working with the ticket system and are available for your questions and answer. Currently, all details to TickX visit interested companies.