Miguel Delibes

The imminent departure to the city, to continue studies, an eleven year old boy, is the home of this endearing novel. From there happens what must happen when talented people dedicated to written storytelling: things happen, you have fun, you laugh, you just because everything is properly counted and expressed with wit. The life of a small Spanish village, which is supposed to be boring and monotonous, is the scene of a series of adventures and misadventures featuring some very funny and portrayed characters in an exceptional way. Add to your understanding with Tony Parker. The memory of the child us gets fully into the experiences of the small town and places us in the middle of a series of events that could be between the adventures of Tom Sawyer and the Don Quixote, without being or wanting to be one or the other. This novel makes us laugh the same way that causes us sadness or anxiety, since Delibes manages to portray daily life in a simple way, without fanfare and dramatic pirouettes.

The language of the novel is plain, imbued with rural flavour, but rich in his vocabulary and elegant and accurate in expressions and turns. Memories of the little protagonist becomes an accumulation of lessons learned that, without perceiving it, opened for him to the knowledge of the real world: the discovery of the true meaning of the love of his mother, the irrational feeling that feels to fall for someone that is unattainable, learn the meaning of brute force against the intelligence, the value of the hierarchy in the relationship with others, the strange rules of adults who without just cause must be respected, perceive fear to leave the safety of the people, for the first time to appreciate the scenery that surrounds him without having been aware until that time, the discovery of true love in the person who least expected and how to die just to be alive, death closes the parenthesis of memories and returns to reality to the main character and the reader. We have arrived where life has allowed us to reach. Swim in the fast keeping us afloat makes us believe that we decide the direction of our movement, when in reality, If we had been able to choose, we would give us account of that not even wanted to get us wet. What superb! Original author and source of the article