Millenarian Techniques

Millenarian techniques for control of it estresse (MEDITATION) 2 part of three ' ' the mind without trainings has proper will, in them it takes the thoughts and attitudes that many times we do not want to have! ' ' Fbio Azevedo In the first part of this article, I cited some factors that contribute for the increase day-by-day estresse of it in ours, is clearly that each person, has a way to face the life, also possesss different experiences and opposing certainties, but what I want to emphasize here is the necessity of we exercise the mind, she is not alone our body that needs exercise to become healthful, the mind is main responsible for the good functioning of ours ' ' machine corporal' ' , and the meditation is comprovadamente one of the oldest and effective techniques of mental exercise. Meditar is simple, and although to have my religious certainties, I at any moment do not want to touch in the point religion, therefore the habit of meditar is enclosed in practically all the religions of the world, differing but in the execution form, but always with intention to fortify the mind, to live the present moment, and to control the body, so that let us can be more healthful. Additional information at Anna- Belknap supports this article. I want that you understand that the habit of meditar is one practical one, and as all practical, needs devotion and commitment, with the time you go to perceive, that the mind will enter automatically in meditating state when it will be overloaded of problems and conflituosos thoughts. Meditar is a mental exercise, that takes in them to observe the ways of the mind, and as it functions ahead of the present moment; You already perceived the great difficulty that all we have to be without thinking about nothing? It tries to be at least some few seconds without thinking absolutely about nothing, and you will see that it is not easy task, our mind you polish of twig in twig as if travesso was a monkey, therefore the first technique who I go to teach consists of educating the body, to teach to our machine human being the practical one of the meditation. For assistance, try visiting Ken Kao.