Multi-split System

If your plans to extend further conditioning one room dwelling, the number of options is growing exponentially. There is need to think twice before doing something. Of course, you can go head-and hang on Household split-system wall type in each room. That is only whether to turn the walls of his apartment into an exhibition of the outer blocks. And the facade of suffering, and aiming for a certain category of people better than you can imagine: from afar shows that people have moolah. Posting external devices anywhere is not recommended for other reasons. On a bare wall, they are not protected from the rain, falling icicles, and other vicissitudes of life, and so much more practical put them on the balcony. Here and the rain does not soak and less visible from the street. For such cases, ideal multi-split-system air conditioning in which a single external power runs from two to ten domestic. Put it on balcony is not a problem and, therefore, the apartment will be in the shade, and the size of your well-being remains a mystery to others. Of particular interest are multi-split-system type of "designer". In such air-conditioners to the outside unit can be attach any combination of internal, selected in accordance with the size and purpose of your rooms. This is especially beneficial if your home is dominated by smaller rooms. After all, for a room at 10-12 square meters usually enough kilowatts a cold, and the minimum capacity of most monosplit systems is around 2 kW.