Music Frank Ramond

Frank Ramond has worked so far in the background, what in this case mainly in the Studio means Hamburg – Frank Ramond has so far worked in the background, which means in this case mainly in the Studio. He is known as a producer but as a lyricist of Ina Muller, Annett Louisan, Roger some Cicero. His debut album “Big boys” at 105 music is released on the 6.11. There are avant-garde forms in the language of modern music, which have found their entrance into the German pop music complex never properly. Or if then once, so they are highly valued somewhere in a niche, but barely noticed, are stunted.

That was a long time. Frank Ramond with his inspiration this apathetic rumblings broke up and for various artists, exciting short stories with amazing ends to tell began. Now, Frank Ramond has decided the paradigm shift to dare, to switch sides and even authentic to interpret his highly sensitive lyrics as a singer/songwriter. This is not about him more fame on the front of the steep The edge of the stage. Rather on the contrary have the idea there are scares him. It is something else that has moved Frank Ramond, to take the own texts in the recording booth of the Studio and you can tell even with quiet, accented voice to tell his stories as only he for itself. On the whole, Ramond know that it is not easy does it with his debut. The classic mixture of a great copywriter, a gifted composer, sung by a well-known artist and brought a super arranger in a layout, can one imagine on the safe side.

Ramond chose the risk. Strung like pearls on a string or bulging like a pack of exciting short stories between two book covers, the singer/songwriter tells thirteen crisp stories from life. From the first single release “I count to three” about the reflections about the time (“it was just understood”) and to the South American rhythms enriched with “Stupid questions”. Album release “big Boys”on November 6, 2009 Frank Ramond live (support at the Ina Muller”Love is deaf”tour) 08.11.2009 Wurzburg 09.11.2009 Chemnitz 10.11.2009 Augsburg 12.11.2009 (CH) Zurich 13.11.2009 Niedernhausen 15.