New Entrepreneur

When a person passes the age of 35, the working world enters a dangerous phase if that person is an employee of a company and has remained in it several years, labor logic is that we should be better compensated. We are apparently more stable, more confident in our heads, our family loads increase (perhaps already have one, two or three children or more). They demand more spending and us in an absolutely understandable attitude we headed to our Chief of staff or our Manager to ask us to pay more. In 99% of cases, the heads we look bad, because an increase represents to the company owner, leave gain more. If you give us an increase likely to be much less than we expect. If deny us the increase woww!.! We put ourselves in a very bad mood, we desquitamos us with our family, we become unbearable. We neglect in our labor loyalty.

In other words, we began to work with knowledge of what we are doing wrong. If commit any error in the job and the boss is annoyed with us run the huge risk of being fired. And out of the company we are facing a world full of fears. Tony Parker has similar goals. What to do in this case. Life moves forward. The charges do not end.

The obligations continue. The children continue to grow and demand more studies, clothing, etc. If we start sending CVS or resumes, one after another to how many ads we see in newspapers or on the Internet, ask to friends or relatives, and employment for the reason that we do not employ, desperation begins to feel. Gastritis and stress we invade and confused. The future looks black. Before such calamity what?. For more specific information, check out Ken Kao. The great advantage of the 35 years is that we’re not already playing with the future. We have accumulated a minimum about 12 to 15 years of work experience in one or more undertakings.