NLP Course

Did you know that we have the innate ability to change what we feel (and how we feel) in the twinkling of an eye? From children who we have this talent, only that many have forgotten how to use it. Looking for a baby crying dismally and offer a sweet. (Similarly see: Jorge Perez). You’ll see how your state changes automatically. You also can do the same, using tools of NLP. Today I will tell you of one of them (super powerful and easy-to-learn and apply): the display.

Many ask me how effective is the visualization without going into too much detail (imagine that within my course of NLP there are several chapters and exercises devoted to the theme) I will respond in the way that I like since I was a child: with a practical example that you can do in less than 3 minutes. Looking for a relaxed place and closes his eyes briefly and thinks the last time you tasted a gelato of your preferred taste (or, if you are of those who prefer salty, your favorite food). Feel the icy cold melting, sweet in your mouth in your tongue. Watch ice cream with either bright colors, front of you (in your mind), and listening to the sound of atmosphere, of gelato (people talking in the background, quiet music, etc). Open your eyes: I assure you that you have generated more saliva in your mouth. It is the same thing that happens when we sit down at the table, hungry, and think of the dish that we are about to taste: literally, the mouth makes us water (because, precisely, we generate more saliva). This simple example is the best demonstration of how, with only visualize something, we can generate specific effects at the physical level.

Do now, what happens to us every day of involuntary way, unconscious: we can use it for our benefit? Yes of course! Learn how to operate it voluntarily requires a bit of practice (anything difficult, obviously!) but with my guide and examples (and more than 12 techniques that you’ll find inside my course) will be an art that you will be able to handle perfectly in less than 24 hours! Some practical applications of visualization that I teach within the NLP course:. motivate you when you feel discouraged. lose weight permanently. increase your defenses. feel more secure about you. influence on others. realize projects. more goals that now don’t you think get and lots of applications. The course includes Guide for making visualizations in less than 5 minutes and the subliminal music to stimulate effective visualizations no matter where you are! It is up to you to use these tools that are available. As I always say, you’re you (and only you) who decides to start living the life or that life still live you to you. Until next time!