North America Act

The periodical is one of the communication forms and transmission of information more popular than had remained before all the new technologies of the last years, and the scientific writing, the one that if it intends to carry through, inside of a scientific periodical, drift of a series of systems of proceeding information since century XVI, collating the Church and the State, and being carried through ' ' escondidas' ' for groups of the elite that argued discovered related to the natural philosophy. It passed for the noticiao of surtos of fever, smallpox, in all the Europe and in the British colonies of the North America. In this sedento process for information and discoveries the society started to get greater interest the news that brought this type of boarding. The survival necessity defined the criteria for choices of the subjects and relations that this would have that to enclose. However when we think about communication, periodical, information, we send in them to think as paper of the journalist as only responsible transmitter and for this act, however the act to write and to transmit information competes to all the members of a society and is carried through constantly without most of the time being limited by a paper. To write on science can be an act carried through for who also studies and makes science, and this is to modify the ways to teach and this great monster, if thus we can call it, in the traditional education – the simple happened memorization of the repetition mechanics, determinista, procedural -; that still it is regulated by a vision of dogmtica, proven, finished science. This vision of science translated the learning theoretical as a memorization game, that I eat resources only possuam the picture and the chalk; the professor was owner of total understanding and its words were said as ' ' truths absolutas' ' ; already the practical learning, if gave through preset experimental scripts, prescriptions organized in the base of pass-the-I pass, that they passed far from what if they could call inquiry (Pink, 2000).