North America

Do not believe me? You can verify this yourself at any time to go only to the potato field and all. And in California history, too, has ended, but not as the beetles have decided that he fainted, and all is well all you have not touched. So, as reconciled with Don Esteban doney Lucia history is silent, but still made it up. Don Ignacio is forced to go to another monastery. Don Llonso is no longer considered so holy, as previously thought, because, if even just to protect a cheater, then I believe you will never be alone, that the three young workers gaspenda Don Esteban some time after the departure of Don Ignacio had children somehow very similar to Don Ignacio.

So now Don Esteban Dona Lucia is always accompanied by a confession to Don Alonso and gives her time for a confession, which is enough only to a request from Dona Lucia: "Holy Father, forgive my sins" – and the answer Don Alonso: "I forgive my daughter." Here are some istoriyaproizoshla in America sometime in the very spot where now there is Hollywood, and maybe somewhere near him. I do not know it. Since then, Colorado beetles flee, dropping the "faint" and potatoes eat recklessly. Well, if it is not, as with so-happy to eat eggplant, and even tomatoes. Raven Yale, when he realized how he summed up the people that helped beetles, flew to the sky and became the constellation Corvus. And to the sky and not see more bugs, then located in the southern hemisphere – there is not no sign of North America or Europe or North Asia. This was it.

And I advise you to remember this tale, as in life you have not once stolkneshsya and "Don Ignacio "and" Don Alonso ". Hypocritical and bad people in the world a lot, lot more and they do not have to be called "donami." So anyone who wants to take away you have your blood, and is the "Don Ignacio", and those who will to protect him and help him is the "Don Alonso". So be smart, courageous and farsighted, "Don Esteban." That's it. Good luck to you, my druzhochek.