Optimus Prime

ES true that we should not fall into the error of over-stating the old: most of ZX Spectrum games have aged fatal and directly are unplayable or unreasonably difficult, but that does not mean that we may not recognize one couple of hundreds of excellent games, any of them true works of art. A French writer ensures that only 2-3% of professionals we know throughout our lives are good professionals, the rest are mediocre or directly a nullity: something similar happens with video games. This is no less true for platforms like SNES, with many insignificant cartridges but a good handful of Evergreen wonders. One, I think, you should be able to lose by the sounds of REZ in the same way that enjoys knocking giants with Fumito Ueda game or jumping barrels with the Nes and Donkey Kong. It is obvious that technology evolves, but not why we catalogue Billy Wilder film outdated and useless by the fact of being in black and white and not placed next to Jack Lemmon an Optimus Prime instead of Tony Curtis. So let’s say that I love the retro term both as hate him for highlighting that the world of the game is still a world to cut their ties with the technological burden (indivisible on the one hand but also a trap) and with its commercial vocation (leisure products of consume and throw, with platforms with expiration date). Where is the backward compatibility so that so many wonders are not condemned to the Ebay marketplace or the stronghold of the emulator? Even Nintendo begins to renege on it, when does not intend to directly return to charge for old glories. So if it only exists for you the PS3, but however you felt a strange tingling to try one of these simple games Mobile or with Doodle Jump iPhone, perhaps you should expand your view, perhaps not everything lost. You’ll see that everything you thought that was a novelty it was invented long ago, that everything came from a world with more visible but not less valuable pixels.