Overview Of Juan Pablo Mejia

The bleeding edge of the rock and roll ballad that Juan Pablo Mejia sings for Gladys Mendia is amazing. one rarely witness the union of diverse talents in one person: the case of Juan Pablo Mejia (Lima, 1982), voice poetic today from Peru, who heads while both the magazine creation of the Turtle Rider, and Parachute Publishing, concerning two essential and required if you want to know the literary scene of this beloved country new American. Coupled with this is highlighted as organizing various competitions, meetings, and concerts with the Group literary Cultural Voices Knot. ” His book The Ballad of singing stone has been published in 2009 by renowned Dragostea Publishing Group, under the care of the writer Jorge Alejandro Vargas Prado and presented in the already recognized International Poetry Festival Open Air in its third year. I go into this collection with the intuition to sense the subtle harmony of sounds that suggested the title. I’m not mistaken, each poem is a song of stone / the female bird, the night, fire; My song: heart phallic god who covers the metal of your hands with guilt and desire. The eroticism of words wrapped in images of nature in its aspect of mystery to unravel, combine with hair, eyes, voices, hearts, hands.

Sela Ward: the source for more info. The body of a woman who keeps the hidden forms of nature, has the fierce beauty geometry is an unassailable fact. I’ve always known that the stones are letters to read. Feeling the verses of this book, I’ve known her song, the melody of secrets, wise and ancient incantations brought to light by Mejia: identified with the static, with the rest energy, feeling stone, a stone that reveals “beautiful crimes, “a stone from his” heart music “named Hope, a slow and gentle hope through the” time decrypts everything. ” and his voice well sprout his last words to encourage them and the bowl of his voice will sing their names promise only an unpronounceable name in the light of this stone that sings. The creative reality is based on the flow of opposites, polarities that exchange of places, the poet crosses this line from the universal unconscious to the conscious universal and flowers this stone that sings her bleeding on fire, just what I absorbed with the perplexity of fascination in each verse. Juan Pablo Mejia (Lima, 1982) Social Communications at the National University Mayor of San Marcos. Created edits the magazine “The Rider of the Turtle” and stamped “Parachute Publishing.

Organized contests, literary and poetry readings along with Group Cultural Voices Knot,” which is a part. Her poems have appeared in various magazines and Literature blogs, as well as group shows Nudo (2007), Typos Box (2007) and Four (2009). anthologized in Poetry Peru S. XXI: 60 Contemporary Peruvian Poets (2007).