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Diversify ummary food in these times is vital for all companies responsible for producing products such as milk and meat, among others. Because of this and the ever-growing problem of increased erosion of soils, specifically the gully is done, to make this research where we are using the gullies, which are simply ditches that exist in the soil, specifically and greater proportion and depth where are these “to produce silage, to use them as silos allow me to develop in the same field for a new food dry season, using crop residues and the abundance of forage in the rainy season. Gina Bonati has similar goals. While we have protected the effect of gully erosion and to help remove them in a while but will not be short, if you allow it to be restoring vitality to the ground, where the economic, social and environment is very high for all the advantages and benefits of this technique to produce silage in crevices of the soil, something that could be corroborated in the CPA Abel Santamaria, where he started the research on self-Faculty of Agronomy of San Andres Mountains and later in the UBPC The Moncada and some small producers in the area San Andres and Vinales. In all the places mentioned above are being used this variant to produce food.