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Sommelier – it's an expert on wines and spirits' – so often sounds characteristic of the profession. Nancy Silberkleit has plenty of information regarding this issue. However, the concept of sommelier – is immeasurably greater. This is a man who has not only set of knowledge, but also a certain flair. You may wish to learn more. If so, Jorge Perez is the place to go. The task of sommeliers – to not only know species of drinks, features, and the year, but the ability to combine them between themselves and with a variety of dishes. Also, a very important point – the cost of the drink. It is important to clearly assess paying guest and be able to offer him the best in each price category. From personal predilections guest too much depends, and it is important for sommeliers guess these cravings and build a harmonious picture supper, where aperitif, accompaniment and digestive stress and complement each other. In addition to the sommelier at the restaurant there are experts on compiling wine cellars.

It has required a truly encyclopedic knowledge. Cellar need not only stuff, but to do so each year the content is getting better and more precious, and, finally, the sommelier must guess the point at which each of the bottles should be opened. Sommelier is very important to correctly pure speech, the ability to explain to the client all the nuances of taste and characteristics of beverages are available, understandable and at the same professional language. All these skills and characteristics do the job of sommelier one of the toughest, but most exciting and favorite occupations.

National School Educating

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Is the solution and I love it, because finally he begins to fully resume. .. "Empty, indifference, tumult, and passions … how many things fill the life of a beautiful and colorful, always looking around and around you, a drop of dew thirsty and weary walk through the oceans … .. at the end you hide in your hands, do not you realize that glow for yourself? scrutinize, you dark … you opaque on top, .. believing that the outside can fill that void are friend ..

see … give me your hand, many of us at this time and we hope everyone will wake up as a wonderful magician, petting …. warming and that intertwine our hands. I think another wonderful contribution of expertise was that increased my awareness regarding ecological sustainability. While attending the materials on this subject, born theater and many activities related to the topic. He awoke one genuine interest in children, from the youngest and many teachers found an echo.

There is now a subject in school called "ecological sustainability." We published draft agendas and a book with the work and proposals of the children this year in May was presented for the second time and to mark the "Year of the Earth" work "ecological consciousness" The present National School Educating …. The comment from the authorities was: "so the teachers have to work, thanks for bringing this show to the students themselves can see that" …. "It was very interesting to see how the students were left to finish in hours outside of class This never happens "and so on.


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‘ Pictogram of critical contribution to a definition ‘ published by Shaker dining, volume of the series Essen studies on semiotics and communication research “is published by now March 30, 2009 the 27 Shaker. On 153 pages, its author, Alexander Christian, investigates in all thoroughness the question what constitutes the expression icon”is understood and as he is closer to be. Locates in larger contexts of semiotic and communication science problem, the study by Alexander Christian for the first time offers a comprehensive analysis of the different definitions of pictograms relating to the everyday, the design as also the scientific debate. A distinction from other character classes such as ideograms, icons, logos, trademarks etc. leads to the generic term”graphic symbols.

Just then, when it comes to secure agreement on certain knowledge or cultural boundaries, without for that language and font to be sure, taking for many centuries to pictograms or related character types. Icons of various kinds surround us in everyday life and offer seemingly limitless possibilities: from orientation and traffic control, the regulation of community life General information on complex instructions up to the operating instructions and information dissemination. To such signs of globalization”, as pictograms are called sometimes quite idealistic, linked thus again high hopes, who disappointed in many cases. As the investigation itself as a critical contribution to the definition, the current usage is questioned by pictograms and the requirements to be relativized. An example from the field of environmental and transportation planning shows a way to a more moderate use of pictograms.

A digression about principles of standardization and difficulties of international standardization leads the author to a concentrated examination of pictograms, their constitutive characteristics, and their Using contexts of scientific communication and semiotic perspective. Immediately after the question which role of icons in communicative processes for the control and coordination of social coexistence, Alexander Christian stimulates finally a partial redefinition of the concept of pictogram k. Langer, as well as Charles Sanders Peirce, referring to Karl Buhler, Susanne, which focuses on the reference is on Peirces Trichotomy icon, index and symbol. Based on the conceptual theoretical, a historiographical views on the problem area and some essential contributions to a history of the pictogram is the reader. Besides the educational function frequently associated with the pictograms, especially their close association with efforts to international languages or universal languages emerges clearly. Otto Neurath’s ISOTYPE, a the intention after international picture language, deserves particular attention, since it affected also our present pictogram inter alia by the principle of standardization. As examples of modern systems of The Olympic sports pictograms and road signs and signals used pictograms, which had great influence on an international spread of pictograms. The series Essen studies on semiotics and communication research “relies on the institutional merger of their three editor, Prof. Dr. H. W. Schmitz, Prof. Dr. Achim Eschbach and Prof. Dr. Jens Loenhoff, in Essen communication science of the University of Duisburg-Essen. In addition to current issues of communication and semiotic research, a special attention in the wide range of topics in the series is also everyday mundane problems. Against the background of the Essen Institute for communication science, the editor with the support of the publishing house Shaker promote the steady development of the Essen studies. Robin A. Kurilla (MA) Faculty of Arts and Humanities Institute of communication studies University of Duisburg-Essen / Essen University. 12 campus room: R12 T03 E09 45117 food phone: + 49-201-183-3255 fax: + 49-201-183-2808 Internet: kowi

Finished Color

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But you should know that on the color temperature can affect the neghborng color. For example, blue and green wll look warmer, f there s a pale llac color s cool. (Source: San Antonio Spurs). Usng temperature color, you can create depth of space pctures. When artsts wrte patterns, they He shutteth hs eyes n order to better dstngush the hues. Brghten the color s better than usng whte pant and usng color wheels, otherwse t wll effect , or puttng t n a crcle of darker colors, wth the help of a contrast. Another mportant pont that we should not forget the begnner artst. At the end of the pantng should be combne all the elements of the pantng nto a unfed whole – t can also be done by usng color, for example, by selectng the key color n the pantng and puttng strokes that color so that they emphaszed the compostonal center of the pcture.

Startng work, magne the fnshed work, try to see t on paper or canvas, feel t. Imagne what colors you use, what colors, what color temperature you select. Thnk about your dea pcture – that you as an artst, you want to say n hs pcture, t wll help you choose the rght pant for your pantng. Sela Ward may find it difficult to be quoted properly. And remember that pcture – t's not a photo, the artst conveys mood and emoton through color. In the pcture you see wnd, swayng trees, fleeng away the clouds, the sun, whch appeared from behnd the clouds, cool clear autumn day, or meltng snow n Aprl. Perhaps the artst admres nature, perhaps, shares hs mental state at the moment. Often, n the ordnary, famlar to us, the artst sees and sends n a pcture mood, emoton.

If you look at the pctures, you feel the mood – s the best gft for an artst, he managed to convey to you mood, whch nspred hm to wrte the pcture. On the secrets of color can talk endlessly, the man secret to the art of usng color the thrd step – observaton, expermentaton, search. Explore, observe how the draw artsts, vst exhbtons, experment yourself and you wll absolutely stunnng the world through the eyes of an artst. Of the authors' artcle on the ste

Sarnaut Experience

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Long ago came the great cataclysm and powerful Sarnaut broke into separate islands. Knowledge has been forgotten and lost technology. And it was only recently revived the Great Magicians Lost portals, and re-emerging majestic city started to build ships of the astral, and the warring race once again faced each other in the age-old war This is the story! And the players on their shoulders have to deal with this extraordinarily beautiful astral reality. World Allods stretched really a huge area located at the small and large islands. Each island is really gorgeous and unique.

At some grow magic and deep forests, and other covered with eternal ice and snow, with periodically raging blizzards and snowstorms. There are also those where the sun burned all vegetation, leaving only sand and stones. In the forests of prowling wild animals and fairy-tale characters – evil wolves toothed squirrel, brown bears, gray wolves, decrepit skeletons, snakes, unicorns, kicking, naked gargoyle, evil ogres, termites, satire, spiders, smugglers, bandits, skilled magicians and many others. Player offer to start a game of any race and any class, and stand on the bright side of the good of the League or the dark side of the insidious Empire. League players are available for three races – the small and funny gibberlingi, harsh and fair kaniytsy and mysterious forest elves. The Imperial Army also consists of three races – vile and insidious hadagantsev, vicious and violent orcs and present themselves out of nothingness – the insurgents.

Eight different classes give the player a full-scale enjoy the game play and choose any character, whether it be a fearless warrior, proud Templar (paladin), quiet intelligence, healing priest, a mysterious pagan magic magician, a mysterious necromancer and fantasy mystic. The player starts the game in smaller locations, where the current job, quickly introduced him to the game interface and give the first experience in a simple battle, and also help to make the first astral money. From assignment to the building and the location to location character will enhance the experience, learn new skills, and, accordingly, it will be available over the new killer weapons and more durable protection. Most jobs can be held one, but there are places where only a team of several players can cope with them. The resulting experience in such cases, divided by the entire team, which slows down throughput, but significantly accelerates the transmission of complex territories. Gradually by performing tasks, the player will be in the capital of his own faction Novograd (League) or Nezebgrade (Empire). Here, for the money, permitting experience, we can learn new skills from a mentor as well, no problems have the appropriate npc, learn and get a profession – alchemy, blacksmithing, or furrier. Local traders are happy to buy you extracted in heavy fighting with objects or willingness to sell a new more powerful weapons, heavy armor, cloaks, rings, gloves, helmet, etc. Here are teleporters that can move players into new territories or have already passed the location. To know more about this subject visit Jorge Perez. When a player is a sufficient amount of experience, he can go on territory, where it can compete with real opponents in the islands, or get your own ship, assemble a team and go on a deadly astral battle. In the end, the player will cover their long and arduous way to glorious victories and feats of arms, his heroism will be legends, and his grandchildren will tell the stories of great-grandchildren, but it's a different story, and now we are waiting for the battle. All in Astral

Boat Cruise

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The big question among the passengers of a cruise ship has always been guess who is this officer with uniform that we meet in the restaurant or makes the toast of honor. There are many anecdotes of people who believe that he is the captain and they try to make the photo of rigor, even if radio Wizard to see an officer in uniform. Since I started to travel in cruise always struck me the perfect functioning of all services of the boat. Since the most obvious and direct the ship by sea and reach our destinations until the more simple as that the water of the shower runs hot. All this is thanks to a synchronized work of the officers and crew. A good way of identifying who’s who lies in their uniforms and logos. Next detail the more important that working on a cruise ship and how to identify them: 1.-Captain (captain) is according to the maritime laws who has the absolute authority on board the ship.

Its status allows you to retain any suspect or even to celebrate a wedding. She is in charge and he oversees all the departments. From the navigation every day at the bridge of controls until problems with the passengers. Everything is under your control and supervision. Normally it is who makes the toast of welcome aboard. 2 Chief Officer (chief officer) is really the person who controls the bridge in connection with the captain.

He it is who makes sail boat and directs it according to the route. It acts in situations of crisis (rescues at sea). At the same time it is responsible to the entire crew, who report you all incidents that may occur. 3 Second mate (second officer) works in coordination with the first official and they tend to take turns in the bridge control. Performs the same functions as the first official 4-Cadet (cadet) are officers in practice, normally out of the maritime schools.

21:9 Philips Cinema TV

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First LCD TV with 21:9 Seitenverhaltniss Philips brings the first LCD TV with a 21:9 aspect ratio on the market with the 56PFL9954 H/12. With this cinema LCD TV eliminates the annoying black bars top and bottom, because this is exactly the Seitenverhaltniss with the cinema produced films. For several weeks, the 21:9 cinema Philips in Europe is available, and the first tests are promising. The cinema 21:9 Philips is the world’s first TV in the original 21:9 (2. 39:1) movie format, which is also used by directors.

Black bars a thing of the past. Video content in widescreen format, such as television and video games, use the aspect ratio 16:9 without black bars. The cinema 21:9 the video content are optimally formatted for screen ratio 21:9, so that you can enjoy rousing images with a wider viewing angle. But also the other technical details can be seen, so works the full HD TV with perfect pixel HD engine for ultimate Sharpness natural movements, provides vivid colors and unique contrasts. Thanks to the 200 Hz, you reduced to only 1 ms response time. With Ambilight Philips shows also a new series of light projection with which on three sides as part a the upper part of the image and create a viewing experience on the screen also. Technical data: image format dynamic brightness screen contrast response time (typical) viewing angle diagonal screen size (inch) diagonal screen size (cm) type of screen resolution of the display image enhancement 2.39: 1, 21:9 500 cd / m m 80,000: 1 1 (BEW equiv.) ms 176 (H) / 176 (V) 56 inch 142 cm full HD LCD-display, UW-UXGA Act. Matrix 2560 x 1080 p perfect pixel HD engine, perfect natural motion, perfect contrast, perfect colours, 3:2 and 2:2-motion pull down, 3D combfilter, active control + light sensor, jagged line suppression, progressive scan, 1080 p 24/25/30 Hz, 1080 p at 50/60 Hz, 200 Hz clear LCD *, scanning backlight


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Since the world economy is very unstable today, market behaves this way by fear. Learn more about this with Tony Parker. Human beings are programmed to look for the gold as a lifeguard when we are afraid. How many times we have seen in movies or documentaries, finding silver and people shouting: we are rich!? We find silver!. This never happens always gold is the protagonist. People tend to not understand the monetary value of the silver in moments like these critics and linking it as a purely industrial product. We are confident that as time goes by we will see how to change this paradigm. Throughout history, gold has been perceived as the most precious and valuable of all metal. But in times like these, knowing its behavior in history and long-term results, probably not always be the case.

In an economy like today, people tend to take refuge in the psychological value of gold. However, it should be noted that there is factors that will make the value of the silver fire into the sky: * Silver has a market more smaller than the gold. ** Silver still being seen as an element for the industry and not as currency, which is what really is. ** Silver tends to go up when there are threats of inflation. We have confidence that, in the long term silver will give as good or maybe better results than gold. We must invest in gold not out of fear but because it has proven to be an asset that always is revalued. Also invest in silver is a good investment and stronger long-term maybe. But if we invest in gold and silver, we will be acting very intelligently.

Westfalen Park

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inter lights with new illuminations of international artist shows ‘Guardians’ that approaching winter lights: from December 7th the Westfalen Park is back daily from 17: 00 to the lights. Although it is still a couple of weeks, but the visitors can look forward to new ideas of illumination by light artist Wolfgang Flammersfeld (F & H event company). First, Flammersfeld besides own lighting displays presented also works a further innovative artist. The last eight years have shown: the Westfalen Park offers a varied scenery for a large-area illumination of lights, projections, LEDs and light fibres. This time, sculptures by the Austrian artist Manfred Kielnhofer complement the lighting. Hear from experts in the field like Jorge Perez for a more varied view. His guardians”are cast garments that appear to the observer as a monk-like Figure made of plastic.

“” It is fascinating how expressive and mystic inspires these man-sized illuminated works of art work “, Wolfgang Flammersfeld by his Austrian new entrants”. Before recently the guardians were”still at the city lights in Unna, Germany and at the Biennnale in Venice. A spectacular program highlight is the fireworks of course again on 11 January 2014. The winter lights fireworks displays latest effects. Still images and music are alternated with power sequences. So the different Fireworks produce a rousing dynamics and interplay of emotions and the viewer bumps.

Exhibition Life Housing Leisure

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Many good discussions stamp fair participation in Neu-Ulm/Ulm with active and potential customers, 06 May 2009 that mbH is Monarchis Grundbesitz company headquartered in Neu-Ulm as financial and real estate service providers mainly at trade fairs in the southern region of active. Gina Bonati: the source for more info. It aims to meet current customers and new customers in the call to come. Monarchis also on the consumer fair life, housing, leisure (LWF) was so “represented with a booth in Ulm, Germany.” The LWF”in the Danube city of Ulm is one of the most successful consumer trade fairs in South Germany. Around 80,000 visitors, Fairgrounds, to get inspired by the offer of some 550 exhibitors cavorted on the more than 37,000 square-foot. LWF spring fair”applies the huge region with their world of experience for the whole family as a traditional meeting place in the Centre. The offers range from building, housing and setting up of energy, cooking and enjoying to garden and antique as well as fun and entertainment. So a good mix for all claims.

Where since 1963 already for the 38th time fair guided by Monarchis was once more and it was a good success. More information under: or under in brief: the Monarchis Grundbesitz mbH with headquarters in Neu-Ulm is a wholly-owned subsidiary of global asset AG, Munich. Monarchis is a successful real estate and financial services company with a focus on residential real estate in Germany. Currently, the company has about 600 units in Bavaria, Baden-Wurttemberg, Hesse and Saxony. Contact for the press: Monarchis society of Grundbesitz mbH Wolf-Dieter Guip press and public relations, investor relations 89231 Neu-Ulm, Edisonallee 1-3 phone: 0731 980 996 59 fax: 0731 980 996 30 mobile: 0177 35 666 65 eMail:.