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Peruvian Restaurant

Written By: - Jun• 27•13

Bravo Christian Peruvian unchef who likes to appear on TV. A phrase I read in a note from a Peruvian newspaper. Christian Bravo owner of one of the best Peruvian restaurant which are currently called Bravo Restobar where has a menu designed by the same Christian. Your local has a great looking design your gallery it seems spectacular. Christian Bravo has many facets being first being a Chef and meet your local with its Bravitos asi calls them affection, owns a disco Depeche Order where two rooms of music one is touched where Rock Lounge where listening to the greatest hits of the 80s and 90s. and other environment has also varied super music although lei that is only owner of Restobar Bravo could not confirm that. would be great that Christian do rinse it with a comment not? What struck me was that the Group Depeche Mode English attended your Depeche Orderdespues disco in his concert at the Peru in October 2009 when vi images on your fan page Depeche order I felt tremendous emotion since I listen to his music and I went to that concert the first time and that better watching my favorite Bravo Christian group was studied graphic design being parents and brothers economists not be devoted to the same as your family and is why I study this career and amount a company of special effects but missing something although he did well in your companyso he studied cooking, which found its true vocation where to managed to combine the two races is why you have great results as entrepreneur in the kitchen with either your local Bravo Restobar and his disco Depeche Order. As I mentioned in a previous paragraph the phrase a chef who likes to appear on good TV is due to that he is also host of a Sunday program of Peruvian television alongside partner as he calls, Angie Yep, called yesterday and today which is very entertaining and fun in particular Christian has a charisma of simplicity and humility that is that I’m sorry and I see everytime I see any notes or program where it appears o well in your fan page; certainly a person of great arrival and with a great view of entrepreneur that managed to bring in different business environments. In the month of October will go to Venezuela representing the Peru in the IX International Salon of gastronomy from 29 to 31 October where will show their great skills as chef I learned via twitter of yoviajera and notes I read on the same page of Bravo Christian fans.Here a note e.g. Bravo Christian a person who is an example to follow to get to meet our with a positive mental attitude always, where one must innovate and/or create how to create business and quite work if you want to go far, an example without doubt for many. It is a fact that its agenda should be recharged by the multiple business functions hac as chef with a great international popularity, DJ, announcer, driver TV original author and source of the article that

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