Plastic Cards

Plastic cards, especially the production of In this article we will try to help you make the best choice of technology of manufacturing plastic cards, compare the advantages and disadvantages of different methods production. Types, advantages and disadvantages of plastic cards. In today’s plastic card – a convenient and reliable way to work with bank accounts, it’s control over business and your business card. Most reliable and attractive in recent years is laminated card. On it you will learn the advantages of any company engaged in manufacturing plastic cards. But manufacturers also offer used and varnished card. What are their differences and which one is more reliable? The main difference between them lies in technology, through which the production of plastic cards. Varnished plastic cards printed on an offset machine, then the image is to protect the paint covered with a matte finish.

Printed on card blanks different colors, including on metal (gold, silver, copper). In the manufacture of laminated cards special plastic with printed image on both sides covered with a protective film (laminate) and pressed at a certain temperature. In both cases, digital technologies allow graphic personalization of any card (print numbers, login, password, Barcode, Name). Provides additional security for magnetic lines of the signature strip and the scratch-off panel. ‘Chinese’ Printing Technology Plastic cards in this area in recent years there have been enough representatives of both technologies. But most manufacturers offer a manufacturer of laminated plastic cards. This is due to the appearance on Central Asian market, inexpensive manufacturing techniques.