Portuguese Language

This question afflicts many professors of Portuguese Language and Literature. The methods applied in the ability to read and to interpret texts have not been efficient, mainly the considered ones in didactic books. The lack of incentive to the reading and the disinterest for this modality on the part of the majority of the pupils of Average Ensino have contributed so that this problem if does not decide so easily. Young the adolescent has other interests, therefore the reading finishes not being priority. Had to this, when they are come across with a text in a pertaining to school or same task in an evaluation, them they finish not having nimbleness enough to interpret and to analyze the ideas contained in the text. The theories proposals for discipline Analysis of the Speech can become efficient in the education and the learning of reading and interpretation of literary and not-literary texts, therefore objective the external analysis of the text, what it takes educating to visualize of ampler form the ideas of the text.

With the globalization and the technological advance, in special in last the twenty years, young the adolescent has not demonstrated interest for the reading. They look entertainment in the Internet, in virtual rooms, games on-line and chats of chat. This has been determinative so that they start to face difficulties in some essential abilities for a good pertaining to school exploitation. When they are considered, in exercise, classroom of reading and interpretation, the pupils are not felt motivated to carry through these activities, therefore certainly they will find difficulties, given, in special, to the methodologies applied in didactic books. The didactic books of Portuguese Language and Literature for Average Ensino, edited currently, have prioritized the reading and the interpretation of texts.