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Profitable Blogs

Written By: - Mar• 25•14

In recent years, have become very popular to use blogs. Look at what is happening on the Internet. One in three tries to create a blog. A public people such as singers and politicians consider the blog one of the elements its image. In step with the times is the president of Russia, who also has his personal blog. Some even argue that the site is gone, and now it is better to create blogs But the blog – it's just kind of site, and people far removed from the web-building often does not know how to create a website or blog, they just enjoy the social services, which provide services free of charge starting a blog.

And from a technical point of view, absolutely all the same Why write the code: for a site or blog. So what's the difference between websites and blogs? And what better way to create a site or a blog? The main difference from the blog site – is the manner of presentation to visitors. Let's consider this question, given that we are creating a website (blog) for what would earn on the Internet. Then the question can be put differently: What will bring more revenue, website or blog? The site – is primarily a thematic center for which contains information on what is a specific topic. For example, you took the theme of car repairs. There could be absolutely any information that relates to the repair of motor vehicles. Such as instructions, various directions, maps, drawings, parts, describing how to repair this or that site, the prices of spare parts, etc.

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