Provincial Project Coordinator

A white sky, blue and red, increased in September as in any piece of Chile, but here is increased to four points with the good ones, in the save master of the bull. a So Osorno, a place where we grow corn under the pressure of an elusive sun between summer rainfall, where hands boqui weave, wicker and dye raw wool in copihue adorning the mantle of women huilliche. The a panguea grows food, chilcos beside the road, the red paint notro the spell. Even ox carts up and down the traditions, music, games of this land I cradled muddy. Osorno, bedroom colonies coming from far away, we plotted identity and a balance between delicatessena and a milcao with chicharronesa between the hut and the house unchallenged German larch.

Here they embrace the blackbirds, between days of steps urbanized or extreme adventure to find the altar of a Tata Huentellaoa . Where does the inertia of winter appear Bruges who write like this … while the angels are hiding in houses where other knees looking for the answers, misery, injustice, hunger, silence … This is where the cows are not sacred they are the ones who give birth, breeding, nursing, and share the sacred line of our lives. So I see this Osorno, between sea and castle, between crowds and the usual suspects, fighting for balance. Here is where the Queltehue has his kingdom and the parallel 40 Sura blesses the seaweed in winter, yes, here where the only known murtillaa between the Swiss chocolate, the muday, casserole or seafood …

This is a mia place where I belong, my parents were born here, my children, my grandchildren do not know … meanwhile, I write without rhetoric to you, you know, that aware of this crib is also yours, a city that desire is the product of sincere hug, communion in their affections, where tomorrow can see their faces in this loom that has no name, but I have baptized a telar ciberneticoa . I leave at your table, tastes and smells of this photograph in January rain-soaked, pressed the button acortar distanciasa . Breathe, feel for the day there will be no more borders and the sky will be One and your son and my sheltered in the shade of the trees, discussing the chimeras of their children’s children … a Jacqueline Lagos. Lagos Osorno Jacqueline was born on April 4, 1965, in Osorno, Region de Los Lagos. Your city has seen it grow and discover herself as an active member of the community. Since she expressed her thoughts on paper, however for some time public has realized that this is really his true vocation. Commercial High School Student in that city, he graduated with the title of publicist with a major in marketing. LibrolibreChile Provincial Project Coordinator, Osorno; ColumnSur Digital Journal columnist. Today it has two publications, My Early Years … (2003) and the novel A feathered in the Tzolkin Witch (2005).