Racial Discrimination

Employment discrimination can have multiple causes or origins, and including one of his most recurrent motifs is the racial factor. Despite the fact that practically all of the countries have constitutions which recognizes the principle of equality and non discrimination, the practice shows that this is a reality that is very far from disappearing. The principle of equality in the labour context has by implication that any worker, by performing a certain work across the enterprise within a group and category specific, you must have the same rights, obligations and conditions than the rest of his companions, without being permitted to occur any discrimination. However, the truth is that in the reality of many businesses the origin of people or ethnic group they belong to imported, and much when assigning them tasks to them, even in contexts of economic crisis. Sometimes, they must do their work in appalling conditions of safety and wholesomeness, often without the protection that sets an employment contract. All of these practices are prohibited by law. However, fear of denouncing, mainly motivated by the fear of losing employment, or even to be expelled from the country; just making a dent in many cases and finally these situations are silenced.

In any case, it is necessary to be aware of the regulations establishes a prohibition on any actions or measures which the employer could fix, expressly or tacitly, giving rise to specific rules of negative character for certain workers because of ethnicity, race or culture. Thus, for example, would illegal that the worst tasks or the more painful and degrading be allocated them systematically. Equally, would be prohibited who conducted pranks or teasing maliciously and which might be offensive, and may constitute this practice of workplace harassment. Neither would be allowed that is systematically blocked his labor rise, or be assigned salaries below which could be set in the collective agreement or individual agreement governing within the company itself. In recent months, Ken Kao has been very successful. Either way, in a situation of these characteristics, it would the person suffering this kind of attitude will count with the help and advice of a lawyer specialised in labour matters. He could advise, indicating the content of the regulation in understandable terms, where his knowledge of the language of the place were limited; being your best guarantee to be able to receive the treatment they deserve.