Raise TIC

Now we will consider three basic ways to improve your site's tic. 1. Actress is the source for more interesting facts. tic raised through registration in catalogs. But here we must note that you must manually register for free, rather than automatically, and for the money. From own experience, I note that automatic registration in most cases does not give the desired result, tic after running on the machine rises to 90% up to 10-20.

In manual recording on the same directory observed increase in tic to 30-50. The audit was conducted at the catalogs from 1PS.ru. Now let's calculate how much time for high-quality recording site in the 8000 catalog offered 1Ps.ru. Typically, for a site at any particular theme is 2000-3000 Directory. The directory takes an average of 3-5 minutes, so registration in 100 directories require 5-9 hours. Do not be scared of these figures, for 2-3 months you can leisurely zargistrirovat your site.

Manual method of registration has a distinct advantage over automatic with manual mode of search engines as they become available references index them, and thus your site is absolutely clean in the eyes of search engine robots. When auto- registration you will receive in 2000-3000 during the day, and naturally it arouses suspicion in search engines, yesterday the site was not known to anybody, but today it has a large number of links, because of that search engine spiders can ignore the link to your website. 2. The second way is also very famous. This purchase options through special exchange sape and xap. But in order to buy something – have something to sell. Therefore it is necessary to exchange links and desirable to sites of related topics as well as tic is transmitted from them in greater numbers than similar indicators for the sites of other subjects. You can also sell / buy on the stock exchange Liex Article 3. The third way – based personal on my experience, I call it "cheat" way. This way – chasing two rabbits, one of which you are 100% catch! To begin registering a domain in any zone, whether it is. Ru,. Com, etc. whose name is in any way connected with acquaintances. And then do as it is written here. Then, with the resulting dating site put a link to their sites and wait when they will have links, but they appear to be about 100 units a month. At this time, you can do promotion of a dating site, earning a little bit. So you can not particularly straining to increase the efficiency of raising particles.