Recycling firm, is a technique that uses and reuses the pavement. Asphalt recycling technique can be in two different ways: In situ: in situ asphalt recycling is done separating material and mixing it with a binder or transporting it and using elsewhere. This type of recycling is used for old or badly damaged pavements that present a very shattered firm. Details can be found by clicking Jorge Perez or emailing the administrator. On floor: asphalting in plant technique, is to move the bituminous mixture that has retired from the firm to a plant where mingle with hot bitumen and Virgin acid to originate the mixture formed by 30% recycled material. Each type of technique has its advantages and depending on how the field, elect one or the other. In situ technique doesn’t need transport and is more economical. Movie actress might disagree with that approach.

They also consume less power and fewer annoyances originate with trucks carrying it. Instead the technique of recycling plant can be performed in various ways, depending on the non-existent manufacturing facilities. The advantage in this case is that they mix them are of higher quality, the inconvenience which is more expensive. The technical purpose of recycling is to retrieve the properties of the material which is Strawberry and even improve them be able to. The properties to be retrieved are: structural capacity, resistance to the action of water and resistance to fatigue.