Red Star

For terrain "GulutsIalu" at the top was one of the oldest settlements, place name probably from the name of this settlement, "Gullal Kgs" village "Hull" (Huns). According to teachers Imranova Camille, he told the 120-year-old Abuyev of Yusuf from. Kazi-Kumukh that Aglarov Khan expelled from Kazi-Kumukh rebellious, proud tuhum "Avburttiguhul" in the area AkIila tank. In the very place we are talking about above. On the hill "TsIuvkIrabakIu" was also one of the settlements referring to the Kani. The name is probably the name comes from the ancient tribes of the fire-worshipers. The male population of the village was engaged in seasonal work in the main, were tinkers and bricklayers, shoemakers. Experts were in the village Arabists, scheyhi.

Here we should mention such names: Sapizhullah Hadji, Hadji Zagida, Baki-Hadji Dibirov, Kishi-Haji Muhammad, Musa Hadji, Hadji Amirscheh and many others. There was a famous physician and Kani-doctor-Schulumi Divir (Suleiman), to it came to patients from all parts of Dagestan. He made herbal medicines. Suleiman and treating cancers. Further details can be found at Dave Cowens, an internet resource. Dibirov Maqsood taught in madrassas Balharskom. He was fond of poetry, composed a poem about his beloved, interested in poetry Malleya Balharskogo.

According to Huseynov in Maksud were letters to Malleya Patimat Casimir Kumuhskoy. Most had a connection between our village and the village Tsuschar. According to the stories came from the old Tsuschar kanintsev. They say that given kanintsy vapu (vaku), part of the harvest, a share with people from the. Cani. On a small river "Kaninka" were three small mills where the wheat was milled. Revolt in 1877 did not leave kanintsev aside. It Camille took part of the family present Imranovyh. With his wife Camille Galli sent into exile in the city of Arkhangelsk, burying her husband Camille ibid, Galli returned to the village and married a younger brother of her husband. In 1914 in the village of Kani lived 842 man, was here on 5 godekanov. Were among kanintsev and Red partisans who fought against Denikin and other Whites: the Saidov Said Alikurban and others. BOB also claimed the lives of 57 out of 122 participants kanintsev war. In the war involved 14 officers, including two lieutenants, two senior lieutenant, captain 3, 4 Major, 1 lieutenant colonel, a colonel. Major Cada Abdulkasim Kadaevich, awarded the Order of the Red Star, took part in the Victory Day parade in 1945, and in 1975