Restaurant Guide

Many restaurant guides have already integrated the innovative service from on their websites on the Internet. They offer their visitors to the welcome opportunity to order gift certificates online for nationwide over 1,000 restaurants and to give away. Pure restaurant guide such as the Varta Guide,, I want – city portals such as,, or they all are among the partners of Visitors of this online guides can use long wide service, which goes far beyond the mere restaurant directory with contact details and phone numbers. The Internet makes it possible: can be searched by many other criteria in addition to regional and filtered. To know more about this subject visit San Antonio Spurs. Restaurant reviews, whether created by the professional or lay people, be used as an aid to decide on a future visit to the restaurant.

Often the possibility offered to make reservations right online. What is closer, as these versatile service through the Gift service complementing “, says Maik Graf, CEO and founder of Restaurant Guide offer added value their people and get yourself the opportunity to generate additional revenue”Maik Graf next. Recently now also the users of the restaurant guide can filter out directly the selected restaurants a search function, for they quite comfortably can give away vouchers via A simple banner with link to, as its own menu item or tab on a restaurant’s detail page. With Restaurantabgleich or without, with regional restriction on the restaurants in a city or not: the variants of of integration of are so versatile as distinguished restaurant guide and city portals. Maik Graf to: therefore it is a matter of course, to respond to the ideas and wishes of our cooperation partner for us. We are not only restaurant guide, but also other gourmet and welcome gift portals that so far still not offer and have to do with the subject of pleasure.” More information is available under. Silke Abraham