Retail Space

Shopping Complex 'The Ninth Wave "offers space for rent for various purposes: for rent commercial premises of the food trade rent retail space for trade in manufactured goods room for rent for various types of stores, shopping areas and commercial premises in Moscow for rent and for sale. Rental of commercial premises where rent or buy a shop, trading area, commercial premises in Moscow in the pass there? The specialists of our agency as soon as possible to help you rent, buy or rent a shop, a shop premises in the pass-through location in Moscow and the right to issue legal documents. For branded chain stores and we have special offers on the first lines of avenues, as well as a lively place in residential areas if you want to rent or sell stores, shopping area, commercial premises, we at your account'll give you a reliable tenant or customer to buy. Here is the rental and sale of stores in shopping malls, department stores, shopping halls in Moscow in through the ground. All versions sales and leasing of retail space and retail space in the walk-through areas previously examined by our specialists. You can buy a shop or any commercial area, using current selection commercial buildings from different districts of Moscow and Moscow region, presented on our site. Working with us is garantsiya in business! On the 'TD Ninth Wave' shopping area are shops in Moscow, stores in the Moscow region, shopping malls, retail space under paragraphs; company sales of tickets and travel packages, pharmacies in arendusfery services – medical and banking, barber and beauty shops, dry cleaning collection points, the company Catering – Restaurants for lease, for rent cafes, canteens, cooking. Current information about what is currently spaces available free you can find on our site or call 726-84-92,8 (499) 973-88-00.