My grandfather you criticized, my father, but once having you in front subsided in all languages and only enthralled to see his son heir to the tradition of our Nations and the most beautiful of all. I remember that Grandpa is chanceaba to all his brothers and people from his town of the beauty of his son, and beautiful voice that sang, who knew him as the Nightingale in Santiago de Chuco’s andes. When arrived Yupanqui, the son of don Gerardo was invited in the best houses in the city, only to hear his melodious voice, which many compared it better than Jorge Negrete and other Mexican singers that were fashionable at that time. The best and most beautiful Andean women wanted to marry the Sapa Apu Raptin; but my grandfather told my father if you marry with a Creole you desheredo, not give you anything. But it was not due and had a daughter in a Creole; I believe that my sister was called Margot, single is that his grandfather was a general in the national police who didn’t want my father to be of Indian descent. Why my grandfather is pleased, when he learned that it was not successful that union. That is why it got him two wives; a principal who was my mother who had by paternal ancestry to Mama Huaca and Yahuar Huacac Paterno and an indigenous person from the cullie nation.

This secondary wife met her and was very humble but proud for having been the wife of a sacred lineage of our Nations. So far they saved the grave of my father and are pending that doesn’t lack anything, both she and her siblings. My grandfather is reveled when my father went to the herd of the animals and got cows, horses or llamas for sale. His second wife chasing him and claimed him, but my grandfather answered him: all I have is my son.