Russian Food Market

Kitchen evolves, acquires new shades of meaning and direction. "Many of the recipes are now styled, adapt to modernity – says Janina , director of the restaurant "Glavpivtrest. – In the classic, familiar to all the recipes are new notes, and the dish takes on a new and original taste. " "In my opinion, – adds Vladimir Fedorov – the main trend is that Russian cuisine is gradually mixed with the European and Italian. Cuisine of those countries most closely related to us. Of them actively borrowed spices, sauces, additives.

Russian food market in Chelyabinsk can be categorized by style establishments. The village of traditional Russian village, with a woven fence paling, patchwork curtains, spinning wheels, clay pots – Is format inn "Tralee wali. The tavern two halls with a total capacity for 150 people. Serve this traditional Russian cuisine. On holidays preparing ritual food – breads, pancakes To post a separate menu. "Price segment of the restaurant the most democratic in the city – says the director of the restaurant. – The average check for the distribution lines – about 200 rubles.

For this money you can get a good complete meal. In the evening check price – 400 rubles. In general, people with average incomes feel quite comfortable with us. " House specialty restaurant – Roll "Tralee wali" (pork stuffed with cucumbers and cheese). A most popular dish on the menu – a shish kebab. Managing mansions "Ermak" Sergei Kalashnikov, described the style of the restaurant as "Russian gloss – , Russian miniature , painted on wood.