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Sarnaut Experience

Written By: - Oct• 31•17

Long ago came the great cataclysm and powerful Sarnaut broke into separate islands. Knowledge has been forgotten and lost technology. And it was only recently revived the Great Magicians Lost portals, and re-emerging majestic city started to build ships of the astral, and the warring race once again faced each other in the age-old war This is the story! And the players on their shoulders have to deal with this extraordinarily beautiful astral reality. World Allods stretched really a huge area located at the small and large islands. Each island is really gorgeous and unique.

At some grow magic and deep forests, and other covered with eternal ice and snow, with periodically raging blizzards and snowstorms. There are also those where the sun burned all vegetation, leaving only sand and stones. In the forests of prowling wild animals and fairy-tale characters – evil wolves toothed squirrel, brown bears, gray wolves, decrepit skeletons, snakes, unicorns, kicking, naked gargoyle, evil ogres, termites, satire, spiders, smugglers, bandits, skilled magicians and many others. Player offer to start a game of any race and any class, and stand on the bright side of the good of the League or the dark side of the insidious Empire. League players are available for three races – the small and funny gibberlingi, harsh and fair kaniytsy and mysterious forest elves. The Imperial Army also consists of three races – vile and insidious hadagantsev, vicious and violent orcs and present themselves out of nothingness – the insurgents.

Eight different classes give the player a full-scale enjoy the game play and choose any character, whether it be a fearless warrior, proud Templar (paladin), quiet intelligence, healing priest, a mysterious pagan magic magician, a mysterious necromancer and fantasy mystic. The player starts the game in smaller locations, where the current job, quickly introduced him to the game interface and give the first experience in a simple battle, and also help to make the first astral money. From assignment to the building and the location to location character will enhance the experience, learn new skills, and, accordingly, it will be available over the new killer weapons and more durable protection. Most jobs can be held one, but there are places where only a team of several players can cope with them. The resulting experience in such cases, divided by the entire team, which slows down throughput, but significantly accelerates the transmission of complex territories. Gradually by performing tasks, the player will be in the capital of his own faction Novograd (League) or Nezebgrade (Empire). Here, for the money, permitting experience, we can learn new skills from a mentor as well, no problems have the appropriate npc, learn and get a profession – alchemy, blacksmithing, or furrier. Local traders are happy to buy you extracted in heavy fighting with objects or willingness to sell a new more powerful weapons, heavy armor, cloaks, rings, gloves, helmet, etc. Here are teleporters that can move players into new territories or have already passed the location. To know more about this subject visit Jorge Perez. When a player is a sufficient amount of experience, he can go on territory, where it can compete with real opponents in the islands, or get your own ship, assemble a team and go on a deadly astral battle. In the end, the player will cover their long and arduous way to glorious victories and feats of arms, his heroism will be legends, and his grandchildren will tell the stories of great-grandchildren, but it's a different story, and now we are waiting for the battle. All in Astral

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