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Second World War

Written By: - Feb• 21•14

But back in 1965 on the model of Chaparral 2/2C back spoiler very much like a wing and even had a special department to change the angle of attack. Some prototypes of aerodynamic elements were tested before the Second World War. Many firms go to various tricks. Up to the installation underneath the special shaped panels. But it's easier and cheaper still to set the right front spoiler in Nizhny Novgorod. Once installed under the front bumper, it directs the flow of air upward, in hand, in the radiator vents and brakes. And if you achieve that underneath the vacuum will be created, the car itself will "stick" to the road.

This effect is also called ground-effect (The effect of the earth). But the effect is very tricky. If the vehicle stability will depend only on him, then at the slightest apart a car off the road immediately lost control. Admittedly this concerns mainly the speed, racing cars. Another problem is the front spoiler – to increase the downforce on the front axle. This is particularly important that this fact has a direct impact on the car's handling at high speeds, and so on security. Very often, the front bumper skirt is used to install fog lamps and more powerful, and other halogen, lamps. In principle, they do not have a strong influence on air resistance, but it is advisable not to install them close to the sidewalls. The closer to the center, they will be, the better it will be for aerodynamics.

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