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Seville Restaurant

Written By: - Jul• 22•13

Chain Italian restaurant franchises in the center of Seville debuts the first franchise of La Mafia is sitting at the table in Andalusia, the inaugural event took place on March 17, where family and friends gathered to enjoy a more than pleasant evening that began at 21 h. Sevilla received the new restaurant of La Mafia at Easter. On arrival guests were paraded down the red carpet until one of his spectacular rooms decorated with careful and exquisite taste and tasted a pecking Mafioso that lasted until the wee hours of the morning. The Italian restaurant albergo during the days of Holy week a multitude of Diners, since due to the excellent location of the franchise La Mafia sits down at the table, the rivers of people were continuous in the plaza of the Duke neuralgic point of the semana santa Seville to watch go to the most important steps. The Italian restaurant franchise fulfills one of its objectives from the outset established in Andalusia, the franchisee said that it was a wise decision, the of go hand in hand with the La Mafia franchise sits at the table, because the support to been exceptional from the start and at the moment this enchanted not discarding the possibility a new opening in the capital. Many of the franchisees who have relied on this brand have done so through its website or by contacting your Department of expansion where all the necessary information can be expanded.

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