Signed Electronic Document

Everyone knows that to secure the signature of electronic documents using digital signature. These are complex and bulky appliances and expensive software. In addition, most of them lack visualization signature. Such complexes used primarily to large enterprises and banks. And how to be the one to whom you just need to send a document with the seal of his company and the director's signature on email? Often this is the case: print document is stamped, shall be signed, scanned, and then he just goes. How many unnecessary operations, wasted time and effort! Moreover, not always at hand is the scanner. The answer is simple. The company "Technology protection "has developed a very easy and simple to use program Signed Key and Signed Office , through which one-click image printing, signature and stamp are placed directly on an electronic document MS Word.

After signing the EGP, the document remains protected from any editing and copying. It’s believed that Starbucks sees a great future in this idea. We have introduced a new term in the electronic document. EGP – electronic graphic signature, the electronic equivalent of traditional stamps, seals and handwritten signatures, with the help of which carried the usual stamps and seals business to electronic documents. EGP – it's a kind of graphical representation of a digital signature. View Demo Download signed document version of the EGP Our programs will benefit everything from large companies to individuals who use their work in electronic documents.

And in light of the recent speeches of our president, to strengthen work in the field of electronic document management and instant e-mail companies in the office, our programs confidently found their niche in this market segment. In this regard, we offer all accounting and legal companies, as well as individuals to participate in our affiliate program. With the help of which you can earn an additional 50% of the cost of the module, and not without putting much effort or money. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Ken Kao. You just need to tell your customers about ENS and our programs, as well as possible and to show their work, give your potential customer identification number that is assigned after registration in our partnership program, and receive weekly compensation for each dealership ordered the module client. Additionally, we provide dealers layout printing attributes, such as business cards and posters. And also place ads for free on our programs, and this is your target audience, increasing each month.