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Written By: - Oct• 18•17

Since the world economy is very unstable today, market behaves this way by fear. Learn more about this with Tony Parker. Human beings are programmed to look for the gold as a lifeguard when we are afraid. How many times we have seen in movies or documentaries, finding silver and people shouting: we are rich!? We find silver!. This never happens always gold is the protagonist. People tend to not understand the monetary value of the silver in moments like these critics and linking it as a purely industrial product. We are confident that as time goes by we will see how to change this paradigm. Throughout history, gold has been perceived as the most precious and valuable of all metal. But in times like these, knowing its behavior in history and long-term results, probably not always be the case.

In an economy like today, people tend to take refuge in the psychological value of gold. However, it should be noted that there is factors that will make the value of the silver fire into the sky: * Silver has a market more smaller than the gold. ** Silver still being seen as an element for the industry and not as currency, which is what really is. ** Silver tends to go up when there are threats of inflation. We have confidence that, in the long term silver will give as good or maybe better results than gold. We must invest in gold not out of fear but because it has proven to be an asset that always is revalued. Also invest in silver is a good investment and stronger long-term maybe. But if we invest in gold and silver, we will be acting very intelligently.

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