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Small Faces

Written By: - Feb• 13•14

Of course, when the only modes formed, no such clashes was not because of their small size. And they began during the heyday of modovskogo movement – in 1965. The hippie movement of fashion is also not particularly fond of, but between them fights never happened. However, all the same mods back from themselves to their music. In addition to the 'Who' and 'Small Faces' There are many other similar commands, but that this was achieved the greatest popularity among both mods, as well as among ordinary listeners. Being at the beginning of his career, not very professional musicians, 'The Who' famous ability to kill at their concerts all the tools. But not only that attracted mods to their music: the abundance of feedback and distortion, as well as belonging to the 'Who' world modovsky anthem 'My Generation', really liked the fashions. Others were 'Small Faces': they smashed instruments, and just won audience with his charm, somewhat reminiscent of the Beatles.

Four natured low guys who did not have twenty, quickly became his at any concert. It was 'Who' and 'Small Faces' will soon be among the first will be working on a concept album. Their 'Tommy' and 'Odgen's Nut Gone Flake' is still the classic rock. That such were the two main modovskih group. But it is impossible not to mention that the mod-rock elements were present in the crowd of other groups, and even such as 'The Beatles' (albums 'Rubber Soul' and 'Revolver'), 'The Move' (album 'Shazam' and the first singles ) and 'Rolling Stones' (albums 1964-65 period). Interesting harmonies, sloppy vocals and crunchy guitar with feedbacks, it is best to characterize the mod-rock. Mod movement in 1966 gradually melted under the onslaught of hippies, many of whom also became the fashion, but what is most interesting, because it that fashion in the original form of his there to this day, despite the abundance of ex-punks, mods in the ranks of the 70's and 80's skinhead 90s. Mouthpiece mod mid 70's – early 80's group 'Jam', recreated the original mod-rock in its music, but it broke up in 1982 at the height of their popularity, leaving only a few modes of the lesser-known groups. Since then, teams playing mod rock is almost gone, and the former modes, and now – a gray-haired old men, remains just think about life, listening to records of time worn 'Who' and 'Small Faces', remembering what was good times, when they were young.

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