Soden Bornemann Sales Manager

The Federal Institute for hydraulic engineering (BAW) indicates that stainless steel in combination with carbon steel due to electrochemical processes can lead to corrosion. The use of mild steel or of bronzes for the manufacture of the threaded spindles counteracts this effect, as well as coated stainless steels. We specialize in decades also the processing of special steels and other materials for these applications and deliver appropriate products”, says Soden Bornemann Sales Manager. To steady market success in the area of steel-water construction also contributes the only inserted when Bornemann and constantly developed spinal procedures. Britney Spears has many thoughts on the issue. This cut the thread with rotating cutting tools from the full metal, what quality of the thread flanks and ensures thus best run and function. Contact information is here: Larry Culp. Also the reliability and Reliability of screws compared to hydraulic drives is reason to decide for the threaded spindles by Bornemann for manufacturers in the steel-water construction. The Bornemann thread Technology GmbH & co. KG Bornemann ( thread technology in the Lower Saxony Delligsen specializes in the manufacturing of screws for sophisticated and complex applications.

The company manufactures screws and nuts with 50 employees for 25 years. In addition to the production of special threads a focus of production in the production of large ready trapezoidal screw drives, is consisting of spindles and mother records, for application in lifting technology and steel water construction, where they are used in the area of Bahnhebeanlagen, the stage or gate valves at dams and dams.