Sodexo Restaurant

New cheque value for the Sodexo restaurant pass rises to aggregating 5.93 euros Frankfurt, 5th November 2010. The Federal Council has today approved 876. meeting the “third Ordinance amending the social security fee regulation”. This adjusted the tax thing reference values for the year 2011 on the basis of the relevant consumer price developments. For free or discounted meals in the operating 2.83 euros are recognised from 2011 for lunch now (previously 2.80 euros). For companies without a canteen, a new Government-sponsored day set for staff meals of future total 5.93 euros results thus at a steady tax-free amount of 3,10 euro. Thus companies can send annually up to 1.304,60 Euro tax-free to employees. Increased tax allowances for free meals.

Also thing reference values for accommodation and rent raised the Federal Council followed in its resolutions a request of the Federal Government. The Federal Cabinet is oriented to the targeted adjustment of social security fee Regulation (SvEV) on the development of consumer prices. This had risen to 0.9 percent in the review period (June 2009-June 2010) in the field of catering. Therefore, the values for food were increased. Since the changes unfold directly impact on the income tax law, the regulation of the Federal Government in the Bundesrat was subject to a consent. The adopted new values are valid from 1 January 2011. Food checks the State promoting potential legally talk on the new thing reference value increases the scope for restaurant checks.

They are a popular alternative for companies with no canteen or if employees at various operating locations receive equal treatment should be. With the new set, a total amount of up to 1.304,60 Euro per year and employee available to neither taxes nor social contributions incurred is plants. “Workers social welfare benefit from the increase of the food value. Working days are 5.93 euros as Catering package available. The net pay of employees so that beneficial to 5 to 7 percent increase, and that is the Government-funded staff catering without additional costs”, commented George Wyrwoll, corporate relations manager and tax expert at Sodexo, the new possibilities. Description of the company Sodexo in Germany Sodexo is represented for more than 50 years in Germany and nationwide about 14,000 employees. Sodexo of leading service providers around the issues of employee motivation, corporate welfare is motivation solutions Division (Sodexo restaurant pass) and incentives, as well as services for the Government. With its services, Sodexo reached more than 550,000 people.