Spain CEPSA Elite Motocross

The pilot was Jonathan Barragan, at the wheel of his Kawasaki, claimed his first victory with the colors green, before a dedicated audience. Click Simon Pagenaud to learn more. Front-line pilots not want to miss, which has been the first test of the national history of broadcast, live, on TV. The layout of 1. 750 meters long, with three very distinct sections including one of the most technical of all the national circuit. The different changes of pace and steep slopes, the route home, require a very technical riding and a great deal of physical effort. Even so, the pilot AMV, very consistent, relaxed in no time and not let anything or anyone, he snatched the deserved victory.

a The pilot, with two titles to his credit lite, proved, once again, a great talented innate and skills for motocross. A circuit as complicated and technical as Talavera made a very good feeling the pilot sponsored by AMV, the specialist motorcycle and quad insurance. Jonathan Barragan (AMV Pilot): “We started the year well. The first races are very important to us. u may have come to the same conclusion. We should start from a good base to continue with the development of Kawasaki. I feel very comfortable with it and, although we lack many miles to go, I think we’re doing a great job. That of today, has been a very exciting race because the circuit is really technical and Talavera allows no error.