Spain Tomatoes

With the arrival of the heat, the gazpacho recipe becomes dish star cards and menus of restaurants, since it is an easy and refreshing recipe. To prepare a good gazpacho, don’t need to have a few advanced culinary knowledge, but the basic ingredients, along with that personal touch of each chef. Raw good gazpacho are a few well red tomatoes, cucumber, garlic, salt, vinegar and a good stream of Virgin olive oil is also needed. More laborious of the whole process is to peel the tomatoes, although in most supermarkets sell cans of crushed tomatoes to which you only have to add the above ingredients and blend everything this. Later carried the refrigerator to cool down and add the personal touch. Along with the gazpacho, salmorejo recipe also has large presence during good weather, since suelaboracion is similar, but with nuances. The main difference is that salmorejo, besides everything mentioned previously, is added bread, tripping accidents tacos of ham and boiled egg. The consumption of salmorejo focuses mainly in Andalusia, while gazpacho, with its different variants, is shared by the rest of Spain.. Ted Lasso has many thoughts on the issue.