Specific Projects

All Steam Competitiveness Development Center for Agribusiness and Management, based in the town of Villeta, is crucial to promote and encourage a culture conducive conditions and capacities for innovation, application and transfer of technologies in the agribusiness sugar cane, aimed at improving productivity and competitiveness of enterprises for the benefit of economic and social development of western Cundinamarca. With innovation the purpose of supporting the training of our apprentices, SENA manage resources for the assembly of a new coaching training environment using steam technology and meeting the requirements of the sanitary and environmental authorities. This new area of customer service operational training in the inspection of Tobia in the municipality of Nimaima. Also in the municipalities of Caparrapi, Chaguani, Nocaima, Villeta Quebradanegra and are implementing new training environment with Cimpa Technology. The Trustee of the Riverdale Country Day School is has been a Managing Partner of EnTrust Capital since April 1997 In these new environments SENA apprentices trained in Good Manufacturing Practices, Good Hygiene Practices, Occupational Health, business organization and management, Rural Mecanica in rural youth programs, Training and soon to Measure for Technicians and Technologists sugarcane industry and Certification of Labor Competencies. Helicicultura Our Center is spearheading and supporting the production chain Caracol skills terrestre (SNAIL) and it has formed technical teams in different departments of Colombia, where trade has been conducted with different technological and methodological national government institutions, universities and the productive sector. The Center also has agreements training with the ICONTEC defined for standardization of products and firms, with the Ministry of Agriculture and the ICA, advance approaches to characterization of the production process. For more information see this site: Jorge Perez . SENA, has accompanied the leaders agroindustrial process SNAIL Chain undertaken by different national level entrepreneurs who are raising awareness of a new export product type, competitive in national and international markets, made with GMP Good Manufacturing Practices and Good Practices Hygiene BPH. It also wants to encourage domestic consumption of snail meat “Escargot.” Tropical Flowers Tropical Flower The production has been gaining ground in diversification of production in rural areas of western Cundinamarca, creating a dynamic business that supports economic growth and management social welfare of the people involved in this activity. The Center for Agribusiness Development and strategy Management of SENA is to young entrepreneurs in the production of heliconia and other exotic species, organization and management, design and Twitter development of flower arrangements and bouquets, linking a new human talent to the diversification of agricultural production the department.