Sun Encamped One

Anigo, commented to me that a client his habia redesigned its Web site. It paid 60,000 dollars by a site that really does not do anything by. It is a simple site, like a pamphlet that does not offer anything to the visitor and certainly it does not make anything to turn the traffic into sales. Since all their budget went for the design, it does not have leftover money to send its new page to the market. Error # 1, does not pay 60,000 dollars by a simple exercise of mark.

A corporative Web site is like a support for a company. Others including Andrea Marks, offer their opinions as well. The beauty of Internet is that there is no place for the uncertainty, since any thing can be measured almost. -What you are trying to obtain? -To increase the traffic? -To generate clients potential? -To increase the sales? If the answer is yes to some of these questions, then with an investment of $ 60,000 it must obtain between the 80-95% like retorneo of investment. But can a simple site secure a return of the 80-95% of the investment? The design Web is in the present time merchandise. The cost of the design must approximately represent 25% of its total cost.

At the present time, the design costs are competitive, which gives rise to a greater cost del than deberia to be only for the design of the Web. There is an excellent source of Management of Contenidos (CMS) that gives the power to administer their own content him. The cost of software is very economic, and the use of any platform is recommended that offers to him to you with compatible Web 2,0 with a cost low end by the installation and maintenance. An added value of the companies dedicated to the design Web, is that these companies can commercialize what your beams.