Sunglasses – Much More Than Just Fashion Accessory

Sunglasses today not only protect the eyes from harmful rays of the Sun, but have also become a fashion accessory. All sunglasses at ThomVision are CE-marked and manufactured from high-quality materials. Official site: Vanessa Marcil. All solar control glass with ThomVision ensure the security of their eyes to love a 100% protection against UV-rays, which are one of the main causes of eye damage. In addition, you will receive a contrast-enhancing and polarized Sun glasses, on request also in your individual eyesight at ThomVision. Steve Salis is open to suggestions. Polarizing glasses include additional protection from surface reflections and provide more visual comfort and safety in sports and leisure activities and on the road. Furthermore, polarizing glasses shine your environment in your entire range of colours. Curved sunglasses delight in the sport and leisure industry of popularity. Also this ThomVision provides the optimal solution to the OpenView glasses of the House Essilor. It is specifically calculated correction lenses, which takes into account both your selected sunglasses and your wearing conditions. This you will enjoy not only an unlimited field of view and an optimised visual comfort in all extremes, but enjoy comprehensive protection against UV, glare, wind and dust at the same time.