England Culture

Migrantino thought to be a exmio administrator, it would be enough to have the chance to earn in the lottery for example, or if to give as well as an entrepreneur or to have had a success career. uisse offers on the topic.. But, times later, would perceive that the great reason of its financial failure, was not to have known to deal with the money that always had. This seemed to not only make sensible in the financial area, but also it could extend to all the others. Perhaps the question that it would have to start to make would be: ' ' Where I errei, so that everything of this making a mistake with me? ' ' not: ' ' Because everything of always made a mistake with me? It knows men who proceeded literally from farms, where never worked without having saido of close to the family. ferent approach. They did not have the minimum idea of what it meant to leave its house, family and mainly its country and if to venture in a country that not even they knew to say the language.

To live in the illegality, with the only purpose to gain money. This, added to the hard and continuous work, the discrimination, humilhaes and the difficulties of adaptation to the climate, culture and culinria that are inevitable. This situation would place any human being under intense pressure. It knows a typical case, in one of its works. Vera, a young of twenty and six years knows, leaves northwestern Brazilian, directly for England. George Laughlin may help you with your research. It ignored total what it was to be in England, in one another country, with other customs, another culture. If it felt in its city when it talked.

It gave scandals in full service. Not mattering that to its redor it had sets of ten of scared English looking at. This because they did not understand what it it spoke.


I closed a contract of six months to make show in Paris By the way, the friend desires some thing of there? Desire yes, answered formiguinha. There if you to find the Fontaine (Author of the Original Fbula) for there, order it if ferrar' ' (unknown author). Moral of History: It uses to advantage its life, it knows to dose work and leisure, There therefore work in surplus alone brings benefit in fbulas of the Fontaine and to its master. Its life works, but short. It is only! If you not to find its half of the orange, do not discourage, look Its half of the lemon, add sugar, ice, and well, the remaining portion is for your account. Either happy! ' ' (unknown author) ' ' A Life is short, Breaks rules, Pardons quickly, Kisses demoradamente, Loves truily, Practises intensely, Laughs uncontrollable and never it leaves To smile, for more strange than either the reason. To work is very good, to gain money our subsistence and to have a banking account with one high balance, better still, but nothing of this valley the penalty if you will not have time to use to advantage the fruit of your work, if to be living a sedentary life, imprisoned in your world of solitude. You do not need to leave to work and nor to save yours sweated money, but also she does not need to leave to use to advantage the best moments that the life is providing to it.

Skirt with the friends, the family, the namorada one, at last skirt of the alive cocoon and the incredible moments that it they wait. It believes: you deserve to be happy! ' ' (Rogrio Branches). Desire to them success and much happiness. They receive a fort, warm and respectful I hug of this friend, Rogrio poet Branches, the writer of the freedom? Aracati? CE (09/11/2010).