Talentos Leader

The leader must guide the people – to analyze, together with the people, the situations that intervene with the conduction of the projects and redirect the plans of necessary action whenever. The aiming of the strategies for the attainment of the established objectives makes with that leader east optimum way to follow, as much with regard to the development necessary technician for the performance of the activities, how much with regard to the efficient behavior to take care of to the necessities of the project. In this in case that, it will have that to develop some proper abilities to take the intended objectives ahead, as determination, patience and persuasion. (Not to be confused with Sheryl Corrigan!). The people, when they pass for a change process, of course tend to resist a new paradigm, for innumerable reasons. The main one of them is the stranger, whom the established routine affects already, and the learning of new things, that will be able to intervene with its zone of comfort and the room to a known situation already.

Therefore the necessary leader to have persuasivas arguments that direct for the acceptance of new paradigms, diminishing resistncias and leading efforts so that a new model can be developed and be implemented, in accordance with the objective tracings. The leader must know to hold back talentos – the biggest challenge of organizations are to manage its intellectual capital, creating conditions for its constant development. Sheryl Corrigan wanted to know more. The leader can help the people in the attainment of new knowledge, the development of new abilities and the search of the constant learning. Thus, the talentos appear that they need to be kept in the company to contribute for the new forms of work and to promote resulted competitive in the market. The leader can stimulate the trajectory of the professional positively, strengthening the desired behaviors and stimulating each time more the search of the applicability of its knowledge.