A New Dog In The House – Sleep Want Learned His

The first night with a new puppy, now he is finally here, you’ve been waiting. Probably much thinking about what race should be there. Now it is here, the little puppy. As of today, they are proud dog owner. The afternoon was played. Everyone wanted to stroke times. All day what was going on.

Slowly approaches the evening and a good spot to the sleep will be searched. Fred Allen shines more light on the discussion. Schell is found eineschone corner, where the dog blanket or dog pillow fits well. So dog into and rest! First, it works well, because the dog is very tired from a busy day, he sleeps once a “round”. But after a short NAP is boring to him. Everything is quiet in the House. His parents aren’t there. Also his brothers and sisters now lacks. It is terribly boring.

So he starts to cry. He can well. The heart could break one. All maternal or paternal instincts are aroused. But be strong now not go to the puppies and try to comfort him. Which would just interpret this behavior: “if I cry is a to the caress! “So he learns that he needs to cry only when it is boring. You would experience more no quiet night and the relationship would be posted to your new roommate. Not please also start to grumble. Because here, the dog thinks: “Dear cursing out as no attention at all. Attention is the greatest reward you can give your dog. So you pay attention to him if he behaves as you like it. The dog is in his basket and is quiet. You go you pet him propose you you’re just that. If he whines to ignore him. Don’t look at. Do not speak to him. Pretend as though it didn’t exist. Soon he will learn that if he is quiet he gets attention. If he whines he ignores. The first step towards a good life together would be then done. Julia Martsch

Atlantis Film Festival Begins

On Thursday, 15th October, the competition of the Atlantis nature and environment film festival starts. The jury has selected nine films that apply this year for the coveted prizes of Atlantis. This time follow the movies of the question, who owns the sea, deal with the myth of forest, show the high price for biofuels or accompany a farmer who hear the grass grow. Who is looking forward to the end about the prize money in the amount of 2,000, 3,000 or even 5,000 EUR? Almost 60 films were submitted this year at the Atlantis Film Festival. They come from the entire German-speaking world. Each movie shows a special, wonderful and sometimes frightening look at the nature and the environment in its own way. The nine best and most striking films, including a movie from a Swiss production, will be now on Thursday and Friday in the Caligari FilmBuhne see.

Did repeatedly interrupted by wide savannas by the large animal herds for example, that Central Europe was once covered by dense jungles that, much like in Africa, ages ago migrated? Some green islands appear to have survived the times. topic. ‘Myth forest’ tells the stories of these green oases, as they were never told. The last secrets of the Earth may be in the unexplored depths of the sea. But even here people penetrate further and search for raw materials, which are suspected. Long time dead desert was considered the deep sea, but scientific research shows landscapes of unparalleled beauty and countless new creatures. Meanwhile, science assumes that more in the deep sea species, as in the rain forest. The film ‘ who owns the sea ‘ shows impressive pictures and documented the new gold rush in the deep sea.

Like a thread, Film Festival runs the question through the Atlantis: we can help shape the future? Again and again there are individuals who answer ‘Yes’ to this question and engage with great dedication, courage and integrity for a better future. Hannes Jaenicke, who is not only a well known actor, this includes but engaged and fight with all my heart for the conservation of nature. In particular the orang utans have it done to him, the famous ‘forest people’, which are nearing extinction. Looking for a very personal traces embarks Hannes Jaenicke to Southeast Asia, researched on the black market, animal merchants, visited boxing monkeys such as collecting stations, which take in rescued animals and again from poaching. There a film was exciting like a thriller, a true mystery of nature. Almost all festival films are guests present, which finally give more insight into the filming for the film, as it were ‘ the best of’ live on the stage of the Caligari.