Karting Down Headache

Helmet mandatory thing in gear kartingista and no matter whether you are doing rolling carting or participate in professional competitions, so without a helmet is simply impossible. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of sela ward on most websites. From May 2008 to a racing circuit is mandatory HANS . In based on modern helmets on the principle of layering. The outer layer, the most durable of the high-tech polymer protection from mechanical contacts, it is the skeleton of the assembly. The outer layer is not uniform, it density varies less within a larger outside with a total thickness of only about five millimeters.

Such heterogeneity provides a means for absorption of impact energy. To protect riders from head contact with the first layer there is a second damping layer, it is much thicker. The third layer is in direct contact with the head of the racer, it serves to ensure hygiene, fire and absorbs sweat. Common models are not expensive helmets Karting doing, doing without high-tech considerations of price and function. All the top models of helmets are tested in wind tunnels, and with the help of special plastic spollerov done adjustment depending on the aerodynamics of the car.

Air flow should not affect their loads on pilot attention and distract him from the road. Closed type of helmet is fully protected from the external face of the pilot exposure. Eye protection visor, which is transparent, or tinted with a special coating. One or another color of glass serves as a filter by absorbing a certain range in different light, so that selection is pay attention to important addition – a set of films that are attached to a visor, is practically not reduced its transparency.

Where To Start Auto Tuning ?

Car tuning is better to start with a body kit, put a new bumper and skirts. There are many good companies that specialize in dodger tuned to specific brands and models of cars. Here are the best of them: 1. Pro Sport (most used in Russia) 2. Flossman gtr (released in ey body kits) 3. Yashio Factory (most used in Japan) 4.

DoLuck (produces not only skirts, but also tuning parts in total) are listed here, not all firms, but the most successful and company (producing not only skirts, but also auto parts in general) – pro sport. So it is better to choose skirts of this company, they have a great selection, as well as skirts with a large measure of aerodynamics, and with less aerodynamic. Skirts have almost all car makes and models. Then you need to supplement the effect of a stylish body kit wheels. Companies producing drives at least, that's the most successful: 5Zigen, adr, bbs, Enkei, Koenig, Racing Hart, OZracing, Volk, RO_JA. Selecting disks for a car, a matter of taste But here company whose drives have no problem to buy or order in Russia: RO_JA, oz, Racing Hart.

Drives better place starting from 19 range, though will have to buy new low-profile tires, they are certainly more expensive than usual, but his amendment for the better manageability they make. Next is to install a spoiler because many skirts do not look completely without spoilers. Spoiler help to significantly improve the aerodynamics of the car (meaning the real sport spoilers). Optionally, you can change the optics in cars with factory for more stylish. As well as desired can be increased either power or handling. To increase the power you can put a turbine, as well as replace pistons for lighter (forged), and strong, to replace the rods in a reinforced, replaced the piston rings, change the gasket main cylinder block (cylinder head), put a better camshafts, exhaust Receivers, compressor, an additional fuel rail, injectors, fuel pump, all filters, pulleys, etc. Can underestimate the suspension, it does take place koyloyvery adjustable, and set a specific height. It is desirable to improve braking system, put a larger diameter brake discs vinteliruemye, perforated and grooved, and improved slide. In the sling you can put new struts. Replace the exhaust system for more power, too necessary, put a larger diameter exhaust, and muffler without nozzles, so that the car was a menacing sound.


So widespread in Europe, car rental services and got to our country. Car rental in our city is increasingly gaining momentum. When low-value car rental, this service is already available to people with an average earnings. Car rental for a day can vary from 1100 to 3000 rubles, while the client is issued a full list of documents, including insurance and contract. The main advantage is the ease of car rental services and short-term clearance, enough of the passport and driver's license, the contract is for 5-10 min. Just to the positive sides avtoporkata is the fact that you do not have to worry about the technical condition of the car, technically inspection and other issues. On request, the car can be equipped with basic rack, baby seat and other accessories.

Car rental service is available to both legal and natural persons. Car rental – it's free your movement, take it and go for a drive! At your request the machine can be filed anywhere in the city and at any time, including the airport and railway station. An agreement on rent can be made on the spot. Return of car can also be implemented in any convenient way for you.