20. Of Ulio 181020 July 2010 Bicentennial Of Colombia

just like the mother homeland we must love it and respect it unconditionally, its great virtues we must love it such as escon and I feel very proud to be Colombian despite all the bad reputation with which we must carry who we so special and endearing carry this nacionalidadpara defectos.hoy day in which Colombia celebrates the bicentennial of its independence from Spanish rule. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Farrelly Brothers . I love and we love that territory, music, customs, accents, holidays, families, siblings, climates, ways of being and that accumulation of things that all meals we share and give us identity as Colombians.Here I must mention the marked regionalism that characterizes us but that also divides us, and at once enriches us, but I judge more like something negative to the development stage in which the country is because it prevents us to integrate ourselves more and think about the motherland as a single for all, perhaps this greater responsibility of the political representatives of the different regions that are unable to properly defend the interests of the regions to the which represent mandated popular.colombia is maybe talking in terms of natural resources the richest country in South America, but also perhaps that least leverages all that great potential and here made less a plan for the State to develop in a harmonic way the country taking advantage of their immense natural resources, proof of this is that the llanos orientales, amazonia and Orinoquia whose territories correspond to more than 50% of the surface of the country is practically uninhabited despite having plenty of water and fertile soils to develop crops as of soy raw material of oil that can then be transformed into biodiesel or for the cultivation of sugarcane which later give origin to the ethanol fuel in high demand around the world to help combat pollution by the oil, pollution responsible for global warming and uncontrolled that all climate then suffer today.I have to mention the fact that having shores on two oceans more important in the mundono took you this advantage to debieramos.Fisheries development of Colombia is very bad compared for example with Chile whose fishing fleet is a little more than half of Colombia, but whose catches exceeds several times the fleet catches colombiana.esto is not strange because we are a country that does not look to the sea as an important resource.Here too there is a great challenge for the future of the country which must develop a legislation which favors the development of important sector.si for example to develop the production of fish meal, this would lower the cost of production of food for fish which would as a result a great development of aquaculture and piscicutura areas in the sel country cuale has advantages and natural conditions that facilitarian its final takeoff.Should be noted that to achieve the country’s development, it is necessary that the order public prevails throughout the country since a of the cause of current economic backwardness is precisely the loss of that order by causes that all Colombians know.I wonder if for example the senators and deputies of the departments which has coasts on both oceans has both industrial and artisanal fisheries related projects?Colombia also must be a big leap in the development of their road, port infrastructure and Airport to facilitate asi exports and encourage both domestic investment as extranjera.esto can be achieved through concessions or with funding from the State via credits with agencies such as the World Bank or Bank Inter-American development or others, I invite those who read this reflection to enrich it and bring points of view and we demand our leaders to tell us who are thinking and doing for the development of our dear colombia.. Tony Parker has much experience in this field.