Arnold Gruppe

New, practice-oriented high end machines and solutions for the production of Silicon bricks from 5 to 9 September 2011 solar energy Conference and exhibition (PVSEC) takes place in the CCH Congress Centre and international fair in Hamburg the 26th European Photovoltaic. More info: Glenn Dubin, New York City. The PVSEC is not only an International Congress for research and development, industry and application, but one of the most important industrial fairs around photovoltaics. Arnold Gruppe is one of the few globally recognized providers providing process and automation technology for the broad spectrum of silicon block processing from a single source. The specialist uses the international forum of the PVSEC to introduce new, practice-oriented high end machines and solutions with measurable high utility value. Combined grinding machine trade fair presence is the live presentation of the Combi machine – a surface and chamfer grinding machine, type 72/865.

This machine is already economically suitable for small and medium-sized production capacities of bricks. An ideal complement to the proven Stand-alone machines for surfaces and chamfering of the manufacturer of Arnold. With the help of the integrated process analysis tools Abera, current production and process data is collected, visualized and analysed and form the basis for the continuous optimization of production and process parameters. “A process capability by > 1,67 cpk with a tolerance of +/-0.05 mm can be achieved permanently and paves the way for the required zero-error strategy”. The Combi machine is available now. Squaring saw the machine concept successfully launched on the international market for years for multicrystalline bricks was now transferred to the Mono-crystalline Brickfertigung. Type 72/476 is implemented in the new squaring saw the thin blade saw technology with a 1.5 mm narrow blade. The loss of Silicon is more than halved compared to standard sheet thickness of 3.5 mm. The traditionally robust manufacturing technology ensures high availability and a stable process. Low tool costs and ease of use are now available product novelty in addition off.

AWEA Windpower

Green Line power converters for wind turbines in sunny California Berlin, may 2011 – having presented itself to the European market in spring 2011 at the EWEA in Brussels, and to the German public at Hannover Messe, PCS did not want to pass by the United States, with its well-developed WIND POWER conference and exhibition. WIND POWER this year in Anaheim, CA, 22 – 25 / 5 / 2011 is one of the largest wind power conference and exhibition events in the world and is staged by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA). Continue to learn more with: Dr. John Holtsclaw. “For the second year running PCS will be holding at exhibit booth there in Hall C, booth 4728. for the 2011 show, we want to be at the Gadore Center United States ‘ pavilion, which is run by a team focusing on market entry, market research and specialist consulting for the American wind power market. The hot topics PCS expects at the trade show are not only discussions on political promotion in the United States but so development trends in wind turbine technology and the debate on grid integration and stability.

The large size of the United States, its currently poorly developed power grid and the resulting difficulty in regulating grid quality, in particular, are leading to tighter grid codes. Visitors to WIND POWER will be able to hold a detailed discussion with the sales and development team at our booth about current converter requirements. After all, our PC green line power converters provide the required level of grid compatibility, either as on integrated function of our all in one converters or as to add on in the shape of our Green Line 1000 this special converter keeps the unit online during short breaks in the grid voltage and can be added to in existing wind turbine with no. trouble at all. We look forward to your visit in Anaheim.

Fund Fund

Walton joined the advantages of nine previously placed funds with a number of new interesting highlights in his new offer of participation. Walton premium land management I GmbH & co. KG”(Walton premium I) because for the first time investors participate not only acres selected and described in the prospectus, but a diversified land portfolio. These are located at four selected top locations in the United States, in so-called mega cities. The acquisition of co-ownership interests of selected plots, which correspond to the investment policy of the investment company is designed. The decision on the acquisition of ownership interests is by the Fund Board of Directors based on recommendations of investment Committee of experts. In special cases an Advisory Board of the holding company must in addition a recommendation.

As a result, investment decisions are professionally accompanied and checked. An investment of $ 40 million is planned. A participation is to the Predecessor Fund from $ 10,000 plus five percent agio possible. The minimum placement size for the Fund is $ 5 million. A closure of the Fund is planned for November 15, 2011. While Walton adheres to the proven facts in this participation: so a doubling of investment capital is predicted within only four to seven years, which corresponds to a double-digit return per year. This remains largely tax-free within the framework of the double taxation agreement. In addition, an early artist bonus was created.

This kind of involvement offers many advantages and that makes this Fund,”explained Karl Benno Nagy as Managing Director of the Walton Europe GmbH. So Nagy points out that German investors for the first time on the entire portfolio of billion group Walton use”could. Details can be found by clicking Sally Rooney or emailing the administrator. We access for the first time directly in the Walton treasure chest”, he explains. The product diversification made possible not only investment in land of four ten main regions which have identified specialists from 363 sites in the United States.

Wolkenschieber Steinmeier

Why politicians are bad workplace procurers, Berlin August 2009 the President of the Federal Association has criticized as “Cloud gunfight and wishful thinking” medium-sized business (BVMW), Mario Ohoven, the Germany plan by SPD Chancellor candidate Frank-Walter Steinmeier: “the tax and labour market policy of the SPD is more likely to destroy jobs, rather than to create new jobs. Speaking candidly Tony Parker told us the story. “Without a course correction for more SME-friendly framework conditions will be Steinmeier plan religious wishful thinking.” New burdens for businesses and new jobs exclude each other, the middle-class President stressed. “Who calls for tax increases and more regulation of the labour market in his Government program, can’t speak in the same breath of four million new jobs.” A sustainable reduction of enterprises and citizens was the order of the day. Ohoven showed sceptical about the Alliance proposed by Steinmeier for the middle class. “With a new body is helped no one. It teaches the experience with the Alliance for work.” The middle class could waive the tea party of this way. Rather, Steinmeier should ensure that the economic policy competence existing in the SPD to also enforce against the ideologues in his own ranks.

Future and trend researcher Matthias Horx considers it an insolent attitude of politicians, if voters promising millions of new jobs. It was a wrong social and economic understanding, that the State could create these jobs. That never works. “But the Germans like it of course also on the other side, which always wishing that the State virtually guaranteed jobs. And that is our very strange understanding of society,”said in an interview with the Germany radio Horx. In addition, one must wonder whether this idea of jobs still works in the 21st century.

“This is so a deep fixation, we have a working model in the industrial society, ultimately and that is currently Apart. “We will have fewer and fewer places, so ‘Court!’ they say to his dog in the 21st century, but no longer to work”, so Horx. People had no lifelong work biographies, that changed the course of life, we work less if we get the families, we work longer hours at the age and we might work for four, five, six, seven employers, workers we then may be itself, the Selbststandigenanteil will rise sharply. And that is to work with these old formulas no longer. See also: Economists doubt Steinmeier jobs miracle-vision: politik/deutschland/0,1518,640085,00.html doubts about Steinmeier plan D: ..ATpl Ecommon Scontent.HTML of Steinmeier promise of salvation has SPD tradition: politik/../Steinmeiers-Heilsversprechen-hat-SPD-Tradition.html comrade Murphy: policy/comrade murphy-404591 / editorial NeueNachricht Gunnar Sohn Ettighoffer road 26a 53123 Bonn Tel: 0228 6204474 mobile: 0177 620 44 74 E-Mail: URL:

Managing Director

A BlackBerry is useful for a Managing Director who is on the road a lot. An internal service employees, however, does not need him. Video conferences are extremely practical for international companies with many branches. You can sit across from the colleagues or business partners, without that it has taken a step out of the Office. Accounts for travel. This saves time and money. You must turn his brain for all the purchases above all and check which technical innovations to the company fit, “so the advice from Zaboji. The fundamental criticism of technology, which opposes the Internet neural cultural pessimism was inappropriate.

Although more and more debate artists such as Nicholas Carr and Jaron Lanier would jump on the bandwagon. The positions of these complainers were not particularly original. NZZ blogger Nico Luchsinger has written a nice piece. He deals with the new book by Nicholas Carr, the shallows”. Carr feels like the FAZ Publisher Frank Schirrmacher, that someone or something Brain influence. Also the author of tech did the Internet as the main culprits. It lead to distraction and superficial learning.

Dozens trials, Carr has collected, to prove that the Internet actually newly linked our synapses. It is proved, namely, that the Internet encourages fast kursorisches reading; our attention will constantly distracted by links to other content; the contemplative examination of a text is therefore”a dying culture technique, according to Luchsinger. For five centuries, the linear, literary mind was the Centre of art, science and society. “But he could soon be consigned to the past,” Carr says. According to pessimistic he judged the project by Google to digitize as many books: by you do book texts searchable by keyword, the actual efficiency of the book for a deep knowledge and opinion be destroyed. When such statements not only conceding a disturbingly naive in Carr and Larkin commented ideologically charged cultural pessimism.