Virtually every citizen willing to use every opportunity to relax in the countryside. But, unfortunately, not all have vacation homes in which we can live in comfort. And the fact that fully rest on the standard hacienda on 6 acres without sewer, hot water and a toilet on the street for most people, even speech can not be. Maybe for the youth of this would be somewhat interesting, and novelty, but that's for people more solid it is unlikely to be the best option. And to go somewhere far away from the city every weekend – it's not a solution either, since the road again to spend time as a rare vacation.

Then, Suburbs sat down to develop this kind of business as the provision of cottages for rent. First, this service is provided in a form that offers to rent a cottage for a few months and stay in it all family a long time. But over time, the owners of cottage settlements now became clear that such systems of lease terms do not quite meet the existing demand for them from customers. Gradually, more and more citizens have to apply to agencies dealing with rental cottages to rent for a day. But such a proposal at that time was not yet available. But over time more and more landlords have begun and to provide such service. But, for obvious reasons, the proposal of these houses are rather limited.

And there are a number of reasons. Firstly, in the event that a cottage for rent on the longer term, it is sufficient equipped with furniture and household appliances. But this service themselves will care the clients themselves. Ie cooking, cleaning will do themselves tenants. Canteen or the presence of attending Staff still occurs in a relatively small number of cottage settlements. Since in most cases the cottage is designed to ensure that it's family lived, in which will be available in their own household items. Secondly, very few people can afford such service, as the use of staff. Therefore, the cottages that offer services to the cook, maid, refer to vip – the proposals. And the price of them as appropriate. And to pay for such a proposal within a month is not available to everyone. And finally, the third reason – this is an elementary lack of time most consumers of such proposals in order to two or three summer months to not doing things. A proposal to rest at night can be an excellent alternative to rent a cottage for a month. With the full range of services can be presented to the client for relatively small amount. As far as prices for these services, they are quite democratic. The fact that the cottage of the plan on your device will be more like a hotel. Only staff will then be located in separate buildings. But the cottages at night – is not only a great vacation for example, on weekends, but also many opportunities for entertainment. Modern cottage communities are increasingly equipped with fairly good infrastructure in the form of entertainment, cafes and bars. Also, there are sports centers, beauty parlors, sauna bath in the suburbs. Offers services such as organization and corporate events, holding weddings outdoors, etc. And all this against a background of clean air, and water in an ecologically safe areas of Moscow region, with excellent scenic views.