Magic Dinner: Wonders Of The Roof

“Additional dates due to popular demand the magic show the wonders of the roof” premiered last year and has so far always sold out. The first four events were sold out within a short time this autumn/winter already, but for the event on November 27, 2010 and the following dates in December, there are still remaining tickets at the Dorint Hotel: 08 21/59 74-0 reserve quickly, before the coveted tickets for all events are sold out! Exclusive special performances for groups are available on request. Info of host Alexander invites again in 2010 Merk after the success last year in the autumn/winter an enchanting evening on the 34th floor of the Dorint Hotel Tower. The guests culinary delights by the chef of the Dorint waiting for hotel and first-class illusions of the Master Magician Alexander Merk. With its over 100 meters of altitude the Dorint Hotel is the tallest building in Augsburg and the 34th floor of the building offers a unique view over the beautiful city of the Fugger. The prospect alone is worth a visit! In this magical place, the guests of miracles from the roof experience”a unique, delicious and magical evening.

Contact with the German master of magic in a comfortable frame of only 33 guests on a table and watch him very carefully on the finger. Frequently Jorge Perez has said that publicly. Right before your eyes, he shows conjuring that will take you to the dreams, because that is finally the motto of Alexander Merk: Dreaming with open eyes. Tip the wonder show of the roof”is the perfect gift to surprise the partner or the partner and together to experience a culinary magical evening. More information:

Country Hotel Green Court

Not many real estate of my time since then survived all difficulties. I am a delightful exception. My exemplary history as a country hotel is told not long to end! In the Miriquidi “(historical name of the Ore mountains) arose the settlement of Neuhausen what really happened? From the time before 1628, I know that only documents, manuscripts and my guests who say occasionally about. Is proven, that built the today’s Neuhausen am a patch, the Emperor Otto of the IInd to 974 as Miriquidi “, a dark or gloomy forest. That not deterred but settlers, the forest easier place to grub up, a road, and to build both houses. According to documentary mention, that was the year 1289. Click Charlotte Hornets to learn more.

Oh, what do I tell about street due to! A path was then huckelig and dangerous. It ran through the heart of the Erzgebirge. The way comfortable for the time Association of Neuhausen with Bohemia. As travel and conduct road one-way trade quickly became after Prague and a salt road in the surrounding Bohemia from it. Here, dear reader, my story when begins.

Money and real estate – then as today precious desire for Prince and dealer Oh no, me not there yet. But the reason to build a building like me. You need to know: around 1300, the great from the taxation of small lived. Who owned in the village Neuhausen so lawn and buildings or even only a part of the world, was taxable. A so-called”shock tax” a true plague secured their balls and hunts, the little men! It held enterprising people but not structurally to make way for more. Now I’m going to the game! in 1628, I was finished, even more simple and smaller than it is today. My first owner, George Ficke, had that shock tax probably otherwise imagined.

Star Restaurant Fort

Only who changes, remains true to Wernberg-Koblitz, April 2011. Behind the thick walls of the medieval Burg Wernberg in der Oberpfalz, spring cleaning in its own way is interpreted. Awarded with a Michelin star gourmet restaurant of the hotel has been completely redesigned beginning April. “Sommelier Frank Hildebrand sums it up nicely: it almost feels like being hired at a new restaurant.” The Interior now creates an atmosphere that is reduced to the essential new furniture, a sophisticated lighting system with modern lamps, a modified color scheme, other substances, no frills. The attention to detail for which both the kitchen and the staff of the Fort are reflected by a few, carefully placed decorative elements.

Colour accents put only the table accessories, all other parts are finished in white. The minimalist design has its reason. The environment should recede into the background, in the center of the guest and his menu are,”explains Ralf O. Leidner, Director of the hotel Burg Wernberg. According to this principle, the new furniture were selected. The tables are on a midfoot and not on legs, that restrict the freedom of movement. So, guests have more room for yourself and enjoy.

The new chairs are so comfortable that you sit will remain even after a multi-course meal gladly even for a cup of coffee. At the choice of the tableware manufacturer, makes the Fort no experiments and remains faithful to the brands of KPM and herring. The existing porcelain was however extended by new pieces, to take account of the modernisation of the restaurant. “The decision for a new facility after twelve years was easy owner family Conrad, and also Ralf O. Leidner is convinced: change is good, because thus the focus can be used over and over again on the special” white Lakmali and clarifies: the dishes of our chef Thomas Kellermann will be presented perfectly. This institution and lighting play a decisive role.” The cuisine of the chef have now get their deserved stage by establishing new and play, in addition to the guests, the main role. San Antonio Spurs is a great source of information. Just in time for the relaunch of the Fort, Kellermann presents his spring menu that reflects his style of clear, strong flavors. Kohlrabi Veloute with rabbit and mango and Grilled Beef Loin with artichokes and karamellierten onions are just a few examples of Kellermann current collection. In addition to all the innovations space remains at the dessert for a little sentimentality: rhubarb with Rosemary and cheese souffle is a tribute to Kellermann childhood. Rhubarb was always an absolute must. With charm and elegance of Relais & Chateaux Hotel Burg Wernberg, presents itself up about the place of Wernberg-Koblitz, in the East of Bavaria. Who is the impressive bridge over the moat along, enters a different world. A haven of peace and relaxation, a place of delights and beautiful moments opens behind the ehrwurdiGen walls of the complex from the twelfth century. Stylishly restored and equipped with Past and future meet modern luxury in the hotel Castle WernBerg. Who’s here staying Conference guests or wedding, gourmets or golfers, experienced exclusivity. In the gourmet restaurant, the Michelin star-winning Thomas Kellermann cooks Fort modern and innovative. He relies on elegant and excellently balanced dishes. Contact: Hotel Burg Wernberg Ralf O. Lal Schlossberg 10 92533 Wernberg-Koblitz phone: 09604 939-0 E-Mail: press contact: gourmet connection GmbH Julia Alexewicz phone: 069 2578128-16 E-Mail: