Experiential Learning In The Direct Urban Area Of Hanover

Teamtrainigs for schools in Hanover and surrounding experience pure experiential team training for schools in the direct urban area of Hanover performs. Only the views of the entire system allows for viable solutions! The complexity of tasks for teachers in the context of teaching mediation increases steadily. Reasons for this include the increasing problem of groups in classes. The challenge is to enable the students positive experiences of groups within the class and the teacher teams for the complex interaction of this problem solution concepts to develop. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Hedvig Hricak. ErlebnisPur city bound training promoting the potential of a holistic approach and enable the sustainable learn by experience, understanding and applying. What makes this training so special? The team training be performed directly in the city. Hedvig Hricak contains valuable tech resources.

This framework allows a real confrontation with situations of everyday life and have the effect that direct references to the own actions can be made. In these Training units are erlebnis – and action-oriented content built on the request of the urban environment. It can be the implementation of classic instruments of experiential (abseiling, climbing, outdoor stay, etc.) in the town of customized tasks be the urban conditions, but also new. These include activities as modified city rallies, games in the transport system of a city, etc. all these activities are conceived as education with regard to the respective target orientation and are therefore not pure fun or entertainment activities. The activity is characterized by a high degree of self-awareness, which need to be reflected appropriately. To learn more about this special training sessions at:

Children Photo Album Made Of Wood By Aldecor

The Aldecor factory enlarged its product range and presents another wood album. Wood albums by Aldecor – gifts with style and class by Aldecor wood albums are made lovingly crafted. The factory uses stored over several years, Scandinavian beech and other precious woods. A treatment with “Liberon” provides for an Antikisierung effect. The fittings are made of hand-forged brass, that is subjected to an artificial ageing process.

Copper rivets completes the work of art. Wood and fittings have a patina this that lends lovable charm albums. In other manufacturing, we use matrices, with which the photo subject in the solvent printing on the cover of the album of wood is applied. The artisanal procedure is carried out by experienced professionals. The natural material wood and high-quality processing guarantee that each photo album from the House of Aldecor is unique. In the Interior of the wood album 50 or 100 pages of black cardboard square provide own Photos. White tissue paper separates the embossed cardboard pages. The motif on the cover underscores the character of a special photo album.

The symbolism of the DAISY is of special importance the daisies in the plant world. It is one of the first signs of spring and stands for the awakening of nature after the long winter. The flowering plant under the name Tausendschon or Daisy is known. The petals allure since time immemorial and plucking off the guessing game associated: he loves me, he loves me not… Braided to wreaths, the Daisy embellished the plug-in and braided hairstyles for young girls in the spring. In addition, the DAISY is very healthy: it is edible and increases the immune power. As a decoration, which is suitable for human consumption, it embellished many foods and is also good in a tossed salad. Aldecor translates the meaning of Daisy in artisan manner. The motif on the cover of the new album of wood shows the popular plant, bound with white tape to a bouquet, in enchanting colors on a background with wood grain. The plant motif so effectively highlights the appearance of the album. The wood album with daisies on the lid is suitable as a gift for many occasions. Neutral and yet meaningful to hold the Daisy album as a gift for your loved ones, as a photo album, presented at the time of the first falling in love, or both on the album dear memories. For the storage and protection is a separately available wooden box. The daisy motif on the guestbook in the wood of Aldecor can be found except on the wood album. Find more products lovingly handmade in our online shop. We offer also the possibility to place your own photos on the cover alongside numerous finished motifs for the design of a wooden album. The delivery time is then correspondingly longer, for a very special gift the wait worth it however. Easy ordering and All wood albums with prefabricated motif are fast delivery, although manufactured in hand work, ready for shipment by the RAM pressure within 24 hours. Aldecor scores not just with creativity and technically sophisticated products, but also with very fast, customer-friendly delivery.