Myrtle Creek

In today’s competitive world of retailing, many stores are implementing external marketing programs designed to attract new business. Unfortunately, the cost may be high, with little investment. What often gets lost in the mix is the fact that it can be much more profitable to have a loyal customer base that returns again and again instead of constantly searching for a new customer who comes. Not that there’s anything wrong with new customers, but if that is the main focus to be missed a great opportunity with existing customers. Contact information is here: San Antonio Spurs. When you put attention on your customers and feel appreciated, they tend to be more loyal.

Loyal customers are often willing to spend more and tell others about the experience they have with you. In the ten years he owned and operated only Bears and Stuff, a specialty store located in Myrtle Creek, Oregon, I learned a lot about customer service. Although some of it was of books, tapes and articles like the one you are reading right now, much of My idea came from my clients. Not only have I managed to stay in business, I have a very high percentage of repeat customers. The customer has to feel like they are getting something special.